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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Money! You love me!

So, free money! Whoop! Okay, well, it's money BACK in your pocket. Well, no, it's extra money in your pocket. It's coupon money. All ya' gotta' do is click the title to this post. You will find something tons of stuff you typically purchase and/or want for at least $1.00 off savings out-the-door that will fit in your pantry. ;-) Trust me. You can save $1.00 on: Velveeta 1 lb Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs Kraft Mayonnaise Kraft Miracle Whip Triscuits Philadelphia Cream Cheese (2 bricks) Crystal Light Jello Pudding Snacks Planter's Big Nut Bars (Farmer, Jr. LOVES these!) Kraft Cheese Slices Grey Poupon (Oompa!) Ritz Bitz!!! And, so much more!!! It's the $1.00 off Grand Slam coupon week! Do you know how long I've waited (and checked the website ) for Velveeta's $1.00 coupon? Let me share a little trick/tip/hint I learned. When they have these printable coupons, that means that the newspaper Sunday flyers will also have coupons for these products within the next 2-3 weeks. So, I'm holding on to my Velveeta coupon (I'll print until they let me no more) and then when the Sunday flyer clipping arrives? I'll hit the mother load and grocery shop for FREEEEE!! Stick with me kids! I learn from the Master!!!!! Click, print, and save away! It's FREE MONEY, Honeys!!!!


Jay said...

Whenever they have a coupon for Velveeta they should also have coupons for Rotel and tortilla chips. Cause they all go together so perfectly.

Oh and beer. Cause nothing goes with nachos better than beer.

Krishna said...

So where are you shopping. My store only allows 1 coupon per product. I should have printed yesterday before my mother load of groceries but forgot and bought several of these items. BUT saved $14 anyway

Lisa P said...

yay thanks love those high dollar coupons lady!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Just catching up after the cruise (and comiong back with a cold). Thanks for the reminder on the Kraft coupons -- gotta snag those!