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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Super Six!!!

Today was Lil' Gal's birthday party! Whoop! She actually slept in a little; course, I'd told them last night that today was our morning to sleep in since her party didn't begin until 11:am. Guess who was the first one awake? Yep. ME. Bummer. I woke originally at 4:am with a little gripe left over in my mind from the haggling DH and I had gotten into last night. Marriage wouldn't be marriage if there wasn't a little Haggle in it now and then. Keeps it fresh, you know. And, makes the happy, laughing times more appreciated! Yesterday was a totally FABO day until said, "Haggle." I was sooooo peaved that I actually called my Daddy. DH said, "Then call Your Daddy!" And, I did. He didn't answer though. I'm going to call him this evening so he can tell me, "Baby You're right...." Or, give me the "Straighten up, Gal!" talk if he thinks I'm the one with attitude on the short end of the stick. 'Cuz y'all know from readin' me that he totally will tell me like it is. I'm voting on Me, though! ;-) Anyhow, I tried to go back to sleep. I tossed and turned and my body wanted some more rest so much but my mind -- stupid mind -- wouldn't cooperate. So, with Farmer, Jr. wiggling all over his bed (I'm surprised the boy hasn't hit the floor half a dozen times with all his wild sleep habits) I decided to get up. Make the coffee, tend to some chores and "For Heaven's sake -- don't wake up your sister yet." Lil'Gal wakes and greets me with, "Mama? It's my birthday and YOU didn't tell me Happy Birthday." ???? "Lil'Gal, tomorrow is your real birthday. Today is your party. And, you just woke up so, 'Happy Birthday!'" Big Hugs! Then, she's off to tell Daddy. :-D Party was a hoot! Wanna' see the cake I made? Yeah, Lil'Gal was very pleased. It was exactly what she wanted and what she asked for. Purple flower drawn on and all. :-) Being a Mom ROCKS!!! [FYI, yes that is a basket weave around the edges but I wasn't feelin' it apparently so it doesn't look "professional" like I prefer. Tasted professional though! *giggle*] Birthday Gal bowling! The ladies were kickin' the strikes and spares, crutch and all! Whoop! One for good measure. I can post these kiddos along with my own because I know their Moms and their pics are posted at My BB who started my Blogging obsession. :-DD This is Little Les, Little ME and Little Krish.... a new generation of US! See we've all known each other since infinity, yeah, pretty much. Pre-hubbies and kids, for sure. And, we were good at hittin' the ol'dance-hall bar and drinking a few a whole lotta beers and dancin' C&W, of course, the night away! In fact, Krish's husband's good friend from way back when (he's the one we lost in the ultra-light accident) introduced me to the Hubster. :-) Thanks, Kix!!!! [We called him Kix cuz' he looked just like Kix Brooks from Brooks & Dunn.] He was a fun fella.' Crap-Diddle, Kix, we told you to stay out of that d@mn thing! Anyhoodle, for good measure I'm also posting this one.  
Gals, what is it that you see under there????  LOL!  Which was followed by, "get off the floor, it's nasty!"  :-D
Well, time to get off my bum and make some dinner. Lil'Gal requested "chalupas" since it's her birthday weekend. The Hubster just headed off to drink beer and bar-b-que on tailgates with some buddies. "Honey, it okay if I go?" Me, "Heck yeah! Get your pie outta' here and have some fun ya' funky butt!" Yeah, I'm all easy going that way. MMMMMMM! I just remembered, I have a new bottle of "blue-berry wine." YUM! Happy Saturday!


Lis Garrett said...

This whole post just gave me the giggles! I'm so happy you all had just a great time. :-)

Happy birthday weekend to the little lady - WOW! Six is a big number!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl! Many many more of this wonderful day!

Seems you had a lot of fun...I love bowling hope you had a great time.


WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

oh so sweet, Happy Birthday!

The Queen said...

She is so stinkin cute. You know she looks just like you right?

Farmer*swife said...

The Queen, Maybe in the old days!

She looks waaaaaay better than me now. I need to dig up a pick where we look alike, hair and all. :-D

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Fab-o cake and I laughed at the carpet comment