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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cleanse from Within...

Yeah?  I know. What happened to the rest of it?  Moody again, Mac-xine?  That's my only peeve with her.  Something glitchy with her camera.  Or, maybe it's the content of what I'm vlogging.  Ya think?  Cuz' she does wonders when she wants to! LOL!
Anyhow, yes.  I've started a Whole Body Cleanse.  I've just been BLAH with myself and feeling frumpy.  I was running errands yesterday with Lil'Gal and a notary job, etc.  I noticed that everyone around me looked 'cute' and I looked...well....  not cute.  And, I'm going to be 37 in 12 days.  
This past year, my metabolism has gone on vacation or maybe retired to the assisted living community -- because, it hasn't been much help or very active for me.
The age factor is kicking in.  Poo.  [That's a really funny post, y'all gotta' pop in and read it!  You'll giggle your pie off!]
Anyhow, when I looked down and realized that I was not wearing a fashionable cute top, but a fashionable cute T-shirt -- it was decided.  [The T-shirt IS cute with faux embroidered John Deere and all] :-D
So, I popped into the health store and discussed my 'ring around the waist-line' with the Gal there and whala!  I'm feeling motivated. [Ha ha!  That's funny, get it?!]  Also, I'm going to get back on my treadmill regimen.  I just wish I had a stand that would hold my LT while I walked so that I could catch up with stuff! *snicker*  I know, I need to put a little more speed in my work out.
Oh, and I told the Hubby I'm giving up meat at dinner time for at least the next seven days.  That comes as advice with the body cleanse.  Well, it doesn't say at dinner time.  It says to cut back in general during this 'process'.   But, if I eat big at dinner I'm left feeling overly full, listless and uncomfortable.  
I shall keep y'all posted should anything exciting occur with this mission.  Let's see how far I can get before Daddy comes down to see me for my birthday!  That's 12 days away; ten days till he drives down! ;-)
I also shared lots of new goodie stuff.  But since the vlog cut off; I'll just let you read and reap the benefits as they are posted! :-)  Yep; some good stuff!



Debbie Yost said...

Yeah, I went through that. I exercised for about 2 weeks then did a little internet research (which I'm lousy at) and decided I'm stuck with my post pregnancy belly and since hubby seems to still love me, the heck with it. I hope you do better than me. I could never get past the whole "give up meat for dinner" thing and my exercising consists of chasing a little 4 year old all over the house. But believe me, that's exercise!

Delaney said...

Hey haven't seen you in awhile. Stop in and enter the Expo Marker giveaway over at my place. It's the jumbo pack and your kids would love it!

If I exercised much now my body would revolt! Good luck on your try for better health.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I wonder how that will work for you (Turning 47 next Saturday). Someone who did it said you feel as if you have the flu for a couple days, so interested to see how it works for you.

Work, work, work here. Thought I would get Sunday off, then a client emailed, so back at it again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the blahs are as simple as needing to get your vitamins. Are you taking any? I know you are big on getting a salad at noon.
Aging is "wonderful" stuff. But it's not all bad -- you gain in the wisdom department, too! (Or at least that is the hope...)

Happy birthday early... I'll be on vacation when you are busy celebrating. :)

LOL, my word verification is "eatomo"... I understand EAT, but what is OMO?