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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pandemonium (and a few jokes)

So, what is it?  What' all the pandemonium about?  (Good word, huh?  SAT word!)
Donde' Esta me Peeps?  Where or where for out my bloggies?  I know I've been super-fried busy (hence the pandemonium title and, well, I just felt like using that word a lot today), but I seem to have no ego poofs.
Sure, I get emails.  I've even made a little mad money here and there via blog and the internet.  But still?  I'm all lonely in here.  
I even offered a freebie! A Giveaway!  And, or entry?  Okay, so not EVERY-1 likes dry erase markers or has a dry erase board.  But, you do have glass and mirrors?  Just sayin' something could be done with that.  Or, they could be donated to the local church or school.
Hmmmpft.  Maybe, I'll just keep'em. :-)
Nah, I'm not so selfish that way.  Oh, I know.  I haven't shared a whole lot of funny around here.
Is that what you need?  JOKES?   Kay' folks.  Just for lil'0l y'all....
Why was the library so tall?
Because it had too many stories.
Why are frogs always so happy?
Because they eat whatever bugs them.
Why can't Dalmations play hide and seek?
Because, they're always spotted.
And, my personal favorite:  
Why does a cow wear a bell?
Because it's horns don't work.  :-D
Okay, so can I get an ego stroke now?  Please?  Look at me.  I can sit.  I can stay.  I can beg, beg, beg ask really nicely with sugar and chocolate covered cherries on top.
I've been super-dee dupery so busy because I have three articles due for Root & Sprout by next week; but Daddy is coming in on Monday which leaves me until....  manana.  [Two are already pumped out and in submit mode!]
Theeee-EEEEEEN, guess what!?  Okay, I'll tell you!  FW landed a new publication to write for!!  Yippee!  My Blog Buddy: who started this growing addiction/obsession hooked me up with the contact and writing for Lis this past year hooked me up with the confidence!  
The new Editor emails me the article idea she wants me to write and she requests that I send her my outline of how it's going to come out by the 24th.  COOL BEANS!  
Wait, no frijoles frio... 
Daddy and his friend and the little one's will be here next week for the whole week.  So, that means -- Super-Mom in super action-paction!
In the words of Arnold Swh(however you spell it), "I'll be MAC..."  I mean, "I'll be back!!!
FW sits upright begging for comments and attention and a pat on the head and maybe a tummy tickle



Dez said...

Howdy. Did you sneak into Farmer Jr.'s back pack to find those jokes? LOL

Farmer*swife said...

Dez I found them on a kids pizza hut cup! ;-) Howdidya guess?

Jay said...

Howdy! ;-)

Mama Nut said...

I think blog life is slow in the summer time. Seriously, I have been hurtin' for attention too.

Lis Garrett said...

Well, you know where I've been for the past few days at least - on the couch! This virus is kicking me in the hiney, and it's all I can do just to stay on top of what has to be done (feeding the children). Although my throat still feels full of glass, I'm at least over the fever. Whew!

Back to life!

g-man said...

Hola! Commenting is down all over the 'sphere, must be all the good folks on vacation or out enjoying the warm weather. I know I have been less than my usual commuter self for the same reasons. (Heck I'm lucky to get a post out twice a week.)

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