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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Howdy Y'all! I've got a giveaway for you TODAY! YAY!! So, there will be two winner for this giveaway! AWESOME, right? Here are the rules: 1 entry) Comment here about what you would do with these markers (or, the fact that you want to win them) :-) Additional entries: 1 entry) Follow me! If you already are, remind me! 1 entry) Follow me on Twitter: @Glass_Half_Full Gal (comment that you are) 1 entry) Follow @ExpoMarkers on twitter (comment that you are) 1 entry) Tweet this giveaway; you may do this three times a day -- (comment here with the link, please) 2 entries) Tweet a "Thank You" to @ExpoMarkers for being so generous! (comment the link here) 5 entries) Visit Root & Sprout and comment on that day's article! You can also do THIS one daily!!!!!
This giveaway will close on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 at Midnight!  You can be a winner on my Birthday!!!!!  :-D Thanks Y'all and Thanks to ExpoMarkers! My Daddy is coming in with some friends for my birthday next week and these markers will be great to play some Pictionary with!!!!



Jay said...

Okay, I'm in!
I follow you here
and on Twitter
I shall tweet the giveaway tomorrow during the morning when more people are around. ;-)

Lis Garrett said...

Oh, how I *love* office supplies!! I have a dry erase calendar that I use in my office, but I have a BIG board I just bought for the kids to practice homework and draw on. These markers would definitely come in handy. :-)

So here are my entries:

I follow you.
I follow you on Twitter.
I just followed @ExpoMarkers

But what I would REALLY love to see happen is someone commenting on the Root & Sprout articles each day for 5 entries. How easy is that?!

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's see...
1= I'm a blog follower
1= I'm a twitter follower
5= I visited R&S and commented on the birthday party post (go read what awesome party SnakeMaster is going to have in a few weeks)!

1= If I win the 3-pack, I will give them to SM's teacher when school starts up in September. Our schools have white boards and the teachers could really use some great EXPO markers! However, if I win the 7-pack (whoohooo!) I will keep them for my own white board in the kitchen. Each of the kids already has their own colorcode, but with 3 more colors, I could have a mom color, a dad color, AND a family color!! That would SOOOOooooo rock the calendar!

Oooh, 8 entries! :)
Leaving in a few days on vacation, but if I win, you already know my addy, right?

The Queen said...

I want this... I want to win
I follow you
I follow you on tweet
I comment here...
and.. I'll tweet it..
and I'll thank the expomarkers on twitter..

that's like a million chances to win right??? cool

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I'll dodge all the rocks to be thrown, but I don't have a eraser board. When I want Art to do something, I just tell him ... oops, I mean *ask* him politely.

Always nice to see your Vlogs.