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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Cuddle-Meister, an update

So, remember back at the end of May when we 'adopted' a 9-10 month old guinea pig named ""Cuddles"? Well, he's still here. Wonder-Mom's Lil'Gal babysat while we were on vacation since we had just gotten him and he needed a lot of one on one attention and socializing. The kids have grown quite fond of him and he has grown quite fond of... ME. Yep. Apparently, he has decided to be MY pet. Sure, he's fine with Farmer, Jr. as he can be calm. Lil'Gal? I feel so bad for her. She loves him so much but anytime I come around he runs and hops up in my lap. And, he squeals at her. One morning I had him in our bathroom so he could run around (without being hounded by excited children) and he wandered here and there. Suddenly, he squealed a little as if to say...well, to say something guinea pigs say. I sat down about 2 - 3 feet from him and put my hand out and patted the floor, "What's a matter big guy? Come here big guy..." He ran right up to me and hopped in my lap. *sigh* Poor kids. I've explained to them that I'm the Mommy and the pets know it just like they do. TWO DAYS AGO: Cuddles is very irritable with Lil'Gal. He tolerates her but he doesn't seem to want he lettuce. Usually, if he's a little anxious he wont eat until he the kids calm down. So, I figured this is what it was. Later in the day Farmer, Jr. and the cousin want to get Cuddles out to pet him. So we do (Cuddles is still agitated) and we get some apple. Cuddles loves apple. He won't touch the apple. ????? Lettuce. He seemed to want to eat it but it was more like he was playing with it. Yesterday I called the vet as I could tell he wasn't eating well. I mention that I think it's an issue with his tooth/teeth. (Their teeth grown continuously and if they don't constantly widdle them down by gnawing they can get abscessed). Three vets later, I find one who will treat guinea pigs. However, the 'exotic' vet comes in on Monday and charges a $49 exam fee. Not including treatment; just assessment of the problem. *sigh* That's more than it costs to buy a new guinea pig! I make the appointment with the notation that I can call and cancel if Cuddles seems better over the weekend. [This is a 24 hour veterinarian office.] So, a little internet research and an examination of Cuddle's mouth on my own -- I diagnose the problem. He's lost his front top two teeth!!!! OMG! This is no bueno; I don't know what it means but I know it isn't good. So, I educate myself some more thanks to google and come to find out his teeth should grow back in within a week. All I have to do is be sure he eats which requires hand feeding as he can't pick up the food without his front top teeth. So, he's had tons of lettuce which I have to serve to him in little strips that will fit in his mouth so he can chew them in. And, today I picked out the nuts from his guinea pig "trail mix." He won't touch the pellets though. *sigh, again* The kids tried to feed him a little today and he took a piece or two from them. But, he prefers a quiet place.
He's a little less cranky, though maybe somewhat humble? The things we Mom's do for the love of pets and family. ;-)



Lis Garrett said...

Oh my! Um . . . remind me to never get a guinea pig. LOL!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I totally agree, what we mom's will do for family and pets. Keep it up. doing good.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

(I have tried all weekend to get in here, now I can finally!)
HE LOST HIS TEETH? And they just grow back??????

Dez said...

Wow, that is cool that they can grow their teeth back! Never heard of such a thing!

Delaney said...

We had a guinea pig and they are cute little buggers but a whole different learning curve from dogs and cats. Our Teddy was fearless even to chasing the cats around so he was great with our son who was the rambunctious one.

Just be glad it's not a lizard or a snake :o)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Oh what a sweet story ... My mom did the same with turtles and goldfish or birds that happened to fly into the window.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, saving the $49+ and taking care of business!
Maybe the whole deal with needing to be calm and peaceful in order to approach Cuddles will help Lil'Gal manage her excitement? (Sounds like a life-lesson we ALL could learn)