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Monday, July 27, 2009

P!$$ & Moan, Farmer's Wife is in a rut???

Yep. Typically, my glass is more than half full. But, today? I kinda' need someone to fill me up -- alcoholic content would be a nice touch. Things come and go, life changes, we gain and lose friends, jobs, stuff... Life wouldn't be worth living without the lows. Because we would never realize when we were in a high. I'm blessed that typically, I can find a bright spot in a cesspool. But on occasion, Super-Mom is infected by a virus that disengages her super powers. As a Farmer*sWife an ice cold beer or two usually diminishes the damage. But, today -- I return home to see my dog still starving himself to death, lying as comfortable as I can get him with iced water by his side and a bowl of soft, canned food I'm begging him to eat. But, he doesn't want to be here anymore. Unfortunately, the vet said his lungs and heart are strong. 12 years. Yep. He's lived the maximum capacity of a Weimar. And, he's decided -- he don't wanna' do it anymore. The kids are kind of okay. Lil'Gal said a prayer on the way home that the Lord would take Blue to heaven where he could have anything he wanted and God could play with him. [Did your heart just break a little?] And, on another note. It's out there and I've been dragging my feet to share it -- though, I totally understand and am completely supportive... Root & Sprout is closing this chapter. Lis is moving on. She's not abandoning her dream, just changing the direction? Maybe some what? Grow Together will remain in tact and is growing strong. Lis has built a wonderful community of wonderful parents and people. I told her yesterday, that in a way, "Grow Together" is her dream and Root & Sprout. Lis shares HERE more about all the reasons that collaborated to bring out this decision. And, let's face it. It is tough to start up and maintain your own business, and a family, and -- well, a life! LOL [Hey look, I LOL'd.] So, I'm a little down and out today. I've tipped the glass back and am draining it (hey? where's that vodka tonic? anyone?) But, y'all know me. I bounce back. And, even in the swallow I can find a four leaf clover. I will say, that thanks to Lis and the opportunity she provided me at Root & Sprout, I now have full confidence (and relearned proper English) to write for other venues. And, as the Lord does, I already have one article submitted to a digital magazine out of Austin, TX: Austin Family's all good. I just need to put a board under my tire so I can spin out of this rut. Thanks for listening to my P!$$ and Moan... FYI? I have some great review/giveaways coming! And, the next giveaway to be posted is for a copy of Lis' new book!!!! PRECIPICE! Happy Monday.


Prohomemaker.Com said...

Argh, argh and argh -- a triple Argh Day.

My heart aches so much for your puppy ... ever since the news, I have been looking at Andy more and noting he's 13 and moves a lot slower now. Lil Gal was so sweet, though.

Yep, sometimes booze is the answer -- always takes at least the edge off. :-)

Big XXOO to you!

The Queen said...

I am so sorry the dog is suffering.. and that your beloved Root and Sprout is closing down.. I know how hard you worked to help make that a success and promote it.

You are a wonderful person and I am a better person for having met you..

now.. in Queen fashion I scream..

grab yourself by the bootstraps and yank your butt out of that rut.. you are burning daylight..

Hugs and loves from Kansas..

Debbie Yost said...

Pass the vodka tonic! Of if you want to class it up a little, how about a cosmo?

I'm sorry your puppy isn't doing well. :(

Hang in there. As Scarlet said, tomorrow is another day (or something like that) More Hugs from Kansas.

Lis Garrett said...

I'll take a frozen lime margarita, please. ;-)

I'm terribly sorry about your dog, Blue. I can only imagine the heartache involved in watching a beloved friend deteriorate right before your eyes.

And as for Root & Sprout . . . well . . . I don't have to tell you how very sad/mad/depressed I am about the whole things.

These downs won't last forever, thank goodness for that. :-)

Farmer*swife said...

Thank's y'all for all the support and warm understanding. My glum is fading as finally Hubby and I are on the same page about our Blue-Boy.

And, Lis, I've had a wonderment of a time riding your leaps and bounds! Thank you for that and the future for me, it's all bringing with.

-- Ahem, what do I have to do to get mentioned in the new book series??? -- :-D

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

sh!t, Lis is closing it down?
I am soooo sorry about your dog.

Stuff could always be worse said...

I do know there are days, when things are not so good, but that is life, I guess.