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Sunday, July 26, 2009

WINNERS: Expo Markers

Howdy y'all,
Super sorry about the extra long delay in getting this done -- I had article deadlines and my Daddy came in and my birthday and yada-yada here I am.
So, there were two prizes up for grabs.  The seven count multi-colored pack and the three count multi-colored pack.
By my fancy, tech method of paper slips in a lidded jar -- shaken, not stirred -- the winners are by random drawing:
7 pack = The Queen!
3 pack = Kcinnova!
Congrats Ladies!  Email me your addresses (again) so I can get these shipped out this week!


1 comment:

The Queen said...

yea... and i dmed you my new address here at the castle... check your twitter mail...

luvs and thanks..