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Friday, July 24, 2009

WORD? Dude. No. Word. No Word? Dude.

Daddy and the gang left this morning.  We had a fabulous visit.  My birthday was a favorite in years.  It was perfect, fun, enjoyable with friends and family -- oh, and presents. :-)
I have TONS of pictures to share.  From the wonderful furniture and decorating that Wonder-Mom kicked pie to finish and help me put up in the playroom in time for Dad's visit to the charms for my bracelet, my green toe nails and cake!  Oh, and Daddy got me speakers for Macxine!  Whoop!  She really JAMs now.
But, I was unable to visit all this with y'all today because my Word program locked up.  I think I know the issue but I emailed Bex and the Mac-Meister as he is the "Alpha" of computers and software.  [I know, I'm lucky.]  He's also SUUUUuuuper busy with so many things your mind would tangle if I tried to tell you...
Anyhow, no Word means -- no work.  GASP!!  Two articles still due!  One for Root & Sprout and one for Austin Family...  This is my first one for Austin Family.
It's amazing what all comes to a crashing stop when you don't have a word program to do all you need to do.  Thank goodness after suffering through text editor and then hauling me and Lil'Gal to the farm office and working between Macxine and Hubby's PC with Word -- I figured out the perks of "Google Docs." 
So, with all of that just about finished I'm hoping to load up the pics for my 'Birthday blog' for y'all so you can celebrate with me vicariously.  [Sweet D says I get to celebrate through the weekend!] :-D
Until then, I will be back.  Word?  Word.



Krishna said...

Glad you had a great birthday. can't wait to see the pictures!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Waitng for pix too -- and glad you got the word on Word :-)