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Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm a lucky Gal! See this? I have a pair just like it. In fact, I'm wearing them right now. I wanted the coral or pink but they are selling so quickly my size wasn't available the day I ordered them.  And, I WANTED them immediately, ASAP, instant gratification-ly wanting. ;-) So, I ordered the blue one's. When they came, I immediately took them out of the box. My MIL was there when I opened them and she inquired. I let her feel them and even try one on. She has a lot of trouble and often pain with her right foot. These babies would be perfect for her.
FYI, they do have them in some designs for men... Why are they called a "Fit-Flop" you ask, when they look pretty much like a fancy flip-flop. Well, it's in the engineering.  They are made with what the company defines as a MicroWobbleboard.
The firm toe area promotes faster push-off to maintain your walking speed.
The Multi-density midsole extends the amout of time that the slow twitch muscles are engaged during each step.
Dense EVA heel strike point provides heel cushioning providing the ultimate comfort and a workout while you walk.
Studies show that regular walking in "FitFlops" can help:
increase leg, calf and gluteal muscle activity (this is good because my back with a crack has dropped below my butt-bone.  Not very comfortable and I keep having to 'tuck-it' back up. LOL!)
improve your posture
mimic the gate of walking barefoot but with more muscle load
improve muscle tone
strengthen muscles in the feet, leg and buttocks.
Bottom line (no pun intended) they can help minimize your buttocks and firm and tone your legs.  After two days of wearing these puppies I could feel my calves.  We did a little tourism while Daddy was here and I wore these the entire time.  Never once did I have to do the 'my back is tired' squat thing I often do with a lot of walking.
I like ALL of the above; but to me?  Those are just the 'perks'.   See, I've never really been a flip-flop wearer.  Down here in South Texas with the heat and summer running about nine months out of the year, flip-flops are a big foot staple.  But, I've just never considered a piece of foam with a plastic toe divider a shoe.
I've come to acknowledge the fancy, healed and dazzled up ones more like a sandal -- acceptable for fashion wear in public.  And, I did break down and purchase a really cute pair at Walmart before our river trip this past June.  These also, were cute and dressed up and had a wedged heal.  They were also soft and squishy which is really why I purchased them -- comfort to my heels.
When offered the chance at a free pair of FitFlops to try out and review -- I jumped at it!  
See, I'm a stander.  I stand mostly while at the Laptop.  I stand when I fold clothes.  I stand when visiting.  I stand -- a lot.  Just my nature.  I'm not a big sitter.  
This can cause my feet to hurt (along with varicose veins).  I also have issues with my lower back, but believe it or not, wearing a high wedged shoe helps.  I don't know if I stand more erect or why, but it helps.
THESE FITFLOPS are SO COMFORTABLE.  They are awesome.  Well fitting, just the right support to sqoooshy ratio. Now, I would just love, LOVE to offer a free pair to some lucky winner.  But, I was only funded for one pair.  I did however, also purchase a 2oz bottle of lemon+sage shower gel -- but, I'm keeping that too because the smell is divine.  I know, bad blogger FW... :-D
I would highly recommend that you visit and see all the awesome stuff they have there -- in addition to the fabulous FitFlops.
FYI, click the title to this link and it will take you to the FitFlop section.  They are having a sale on many of the FitFlops in stock.  My pair was normally $49.00 but I got them for $39.00 (the reason why I was able to also purchase the shower gel - also on sale).
I was talking to a friend about these who also has a pair and is familiar with Bliss World.  She loves her's so much she is going to purchase another pair.  There is a pair in a tennie shoe that looked at me wantingly.  I'll have to save my nickels and dollars :-)



Stuff could always be worse said...

My daughter loves flip flops, says she will always wear them.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

what did you say, gluteal muscle activity? tee hee!