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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dear Peppers and Pollywogs... (WIN)

Howdy y'all!  Time for another sweet Giveaway!  
I was given the opportunity to review a copy of Dear Peppers and Pollywogs....  What Parents Want to Know About Planning Their Kids' Parties while writing another article for Root & Sprout.
Lisa Kothari, the author and founder of Peppers and Pollywogs website has compiled everything and anything you need or want to know about planning parties for kids.
The book is lined out by topic but also in a question and answer type format -- which I love because it's great as a little reference to go back to when you have questions or concerns pop-up such as:
  • My child is so excited about his party that he invited his whole class and everyone from his extra-curricular activites?  Help?
  • What is some language I can use that states that presents aren't necessary?
  • Do I need to entertain/feed the parents who stay at the party?
  • Do I have to provide goody bags at my kids' party?  If so what should I put in them?  What is an alternative to goody bags?
How about the more perplexing and sticky situations that question how to tackle relatives who tend to get out of line?  Or, those neighbors or people who invite themselves? Does your child have a birthday that falls on a holiday and is often shadowed over?  
Dear Peppers and Pollywogs is a fabulous book that provides wonderful advice and party tips on all this and more.  
And because I am so generous (and somewhat of a child party expert after hosting nine of my own for my kids) I am offering my review copy of "Dear Peppers and Pollywogs...What Parents Want to Know About Planning Their Kids Parties" to all of you!
What to do to win?
1 entry) visit the site and tell me something you love about it Peppers and Pollywogs (be sure to bookmark it for future party ideas and questions as well)
1 entry per Tweet) tweet this giveaway as many times as you want; BUT, you must comment here with the link to the tweet for entry purposes
1 entry) follow my blog; let me know if you are
2 entries) join me at Grow Together -- a fantastic parent networking site.  Be sure to make me your friend (Farmers Wife)
2 entries) grab my badge for your blog; let me know you did so I can visit you. :-)
4 entries) blog about this giveaway and link me back to check it out!
GOOD LUCK!  If you have children or know someone with children this is a great book to have!  Normally, I'd keep a book like this.  
I almost forgot!  This giveaway ends on August 12th, 2009, at midnight and I'll do the drawing and announce the winner within a day or two after that! :-)