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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stuff and Surprises.....

Before I typeth, I must share.  This Sunday's newspaper will have the PG Savers coupon Booklet, which will total savings in the amount of $55.00!
So, you totally want to buy the Sunday paper this weekend.  The odd thing is that, typically on a Holiday weekend there are NO coupons.  Yeppers.  Something I've just learned in the last four months or so...  And, I confirmed with Pro HMKR to be sure it wasn't a 'coupon-hater's' lie to sligh us all away from the sunday clippings.
Alas, tis true.  But not THIS holiday weekend!!!
True, you may not be a super savy coupon combiner, or your stores may suck and not let you do so.  (For Shame On Them!)
And, you may not like aaallll the products that there are coupons for.  But, a little newspaper coupon booklet with $55.00 in savings?  I'm thinkin you could work $10.00 or more out of your spending.  And, um....  That kinda' pays for the paper, right?
OTHER THINGS TO DO WITH THE PAPER (Besides coupons, and reading it):
1) save it for shipping packages, makes great filler
2) line the bottoms of your wastebaskets with it; you know, for when the trash bag leaks, ew!
3) shred the black and white to line your 'guinea pig' cage with and make the bedding last longer
4) let your kids make paper airplanes
5) cover tables/counter tops when assembling messy meals; throw away the mess!
6) use it in place of paper towels or cloths to clean your windows
7) cover your floor mats if you are taking your vehicle (and messy friends) to the beach
8) line the cat litter box so dumping is sweet with nothing to be cleaned from the box
9) feelin' really crafty?  make paper mache'
10) roll it up and swat flies.... or friends... or gripy significant others.
I had more for y'all tonight but the sun has just set and my brain is so full of everything!  I've got some new giveaways (sponsored, unpaid) and, more books to share between here and Grow Together, and a game review (for a giveaway at Root & Sprout -- be watching for that!.
And, with all that, this has been a busy summer, which was not what I had planned.  So, NEEEXT week will be a slow down...  NO. I mean it.  For real.  For 'reals' real. :-)
Farmer, Jr is thrilled because Daddy purchased an awesome new lawn mower.  This baby is the bomb (did you expect less from Hubby).  I sware I'm so tight and save the nickels that he happily expends on big toys and big additions and fruition's on the house.
Makes me proud though.  Because, he loves and recognizes how tight I am.  We know peeps who spend the nickels like they are dollars.  And, sure, live while you are living...but what about when the money doesn't flow that week, month, year?
So we do fine, but he secretly loves my 'tight' @$$, LOL!  For two of two reasons, though only one is tight now days.  *giggle*
But, we will be getting the rest of our back porch and probably some grass for that shortly there after....  within the next few days and weeks.
Here is the kudos to that Happenin!!!
Hubby will be 40 this year.  His birthday is in September.  And, I want to throw him a bash.
He will be thrilled that he had the backyard put in before this even takes place; though, he doesn't know it's taking place - at our place. ;-)
With his college friends and buddies he sees far and few between that he's known for so long -- it will be hard to make in in September as we all have kids in school and activities and all that that goes with.
So, I'm going to do it in August.  Which gives me, what?  Short diddle and a fiddle to pull it off? AND, as a surprise party???  (He'd gripe the castle wasn't perfect if I told him I was doing it; and I've seen the look on his face when he's surprised with friends and family -- he'll have a better time if he doesn't know it's coming!).  So, I will do it and I will pulled it off; though, y'all gotta keep your oral assets to a whisper, LOL!
So much more to come...  But, kids are fighting and I think... I heard one is biting, and Hubby's temper is ignighting and so, I must be flighting!
Happy Hump-Diggity!



Dez said...

Boy, you did jump around and have a lot to say! Bet the sun fried your brain! Didn't think we were out there that long, but dang, I was pooped too!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Got a great appetizer recipe for hubby's b-day (and you make it in advance) I will try and get it up (so to speak) in the next day or two.

Debbie Yost said...

Coupons. I hate them. I never remember to use them and I find myself spending more money on things I wouldn't have bought in the first place. I also consider the time I wasted messing with them. To me it's a wash. I know I will never convince you and I know you love them. But on this, we must agree to disagree. Happy shopping, though!

My hubby turns 40 in October! I however, passed that milestone already and then some. I was planning a big surprise shindig (in my head) but never put the plan to action so I'm sure it will end up being a quiet dinner with the family. Heck, Diva's bday is today and I still haven't gotten past the planning stage (in my head) for her party! I am lousy at these things. Wanna come to Kansas and help me out?

Gotta go bake a cake and wrap some presents. Later!

Dez said...

Debbie: The same thing happened to me! Couponing made me so frustrated, I gave up! Of course, that was many moons ago when the kids were little.
I am going to try again.

Lisa said...

whooo hoo I know there are never coupons on holidays, you made my day miss!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Watching my driveway for the newspaper (but thinking tomorrow is Sunday)