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Friday, July 17, 2009

I caved to "The In Crowd..."

So....  I did it.  I feel quite guilty.  Like the last of the non-conformists who finally gave in.  I held my stance but they (y'all) weighed on me heavily.
I was close a week ago and then I decided, "Nope.  I'm stickin with my double barrels and holdin' the FB free fort."
You read me correctly.  I.   Now.    FB  (a slew of gasps just blew through the internet audience).
I'm sorry to those whom I've let down.  I'm sorry to my Sweet D as I never MS anymore.  
FB comes with some pluses.  That are good for friends and profession.
Tell me?  Do you FB?  Have you Faced -- the Book?  Well, if you have you will now find me there.  I'm not all out for being searched for.  And, I'm not crazy about the 'hooken' up with old friends' as I've kept up with most of the ones who matter.  And, if you are one of my former stalkers from 20 years ago?  Go AWAY.  Far.  FAR. Away!
But, if you blog me you may now FB me.  [You know I like attention that way.] <3
Just don't leave me here alone in blog world.  This is my favorite of all venues.  I heart my bloggies and my friends.  This is my home.  FB is a merely trip down the block to borrow a cup of sugar (or a glass of wine).  :-D
Kay?  FYI, 5 days till my birthday and 3 days till Daddy comes down!  Sweeeeet!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I am happy to be able to get into this page, a first this week!
With FB? We can chat!

Lis Garrett said...

Do you have big plans for your birthday this year??

The Queen said...

I'm glad you came to the dark side and joined us on facebook... I live there.. and you were not on the block.. so I very much missed you..

THe Queen!