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Monday, July 20, 2009

Full Circle

So, my mind wakes up at 5:am and tells me my bladder needs some attention.  I'm sleeping with Lil'Gal who is grinding her teeth -- OUCH!  Yes, I fell out tucking her in...kinda' intentionally though.
Farmer, Jr. is in our room since he and the Hubster are waking at the butt-crack of dawn to head out for duties to combine some grain for some fellow farmers.  Yeah, there's a few fields that made it through the drought.  Not to say they are worth a D@mn but they are there and need to be cut. 
We have three, which I think are all cut out.  So Hubby and BIL got lucky enough to cut for someone else and bring in a little $.  Thanks Lord, that's always nice.  :-)
Now, seein' as I'm awake so early during the summer I could be responsible about it.  I could add the two last sources (one response came via email yesterday -- FYI, I LOVE her book) to my last article due this week for Root & Sprout.  [BTW, today Root & Sprout published a new giveaway -- does your child/spouse/dog like Bob The Builder???  Yeah, Baby.  Bob be building Sky Scrapers.  Go Check it out!]
Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  Then, I could preheat the oven and make the 'boys' piggies in a blanket.  Then, I could scrub all the toilets in the house while Lil'Gal is still sleeping and then finally tackle the windows.  That would leave me with ceiling fans, bissell mopping the floor and fresh crisp sheets on all the beds.
See, Daddy and a friend are coming down for my Birthday (Wednesday) and are now set to arrive Tuesday about lunch time.  You know me, I like to present my castle with white-glove-test ready.
So, yesterday morning I dawned my camo-knee pads hubby purchased at Home Depot for me at my request.  Their snazzy.  I tackled the baseboards and the window sills as they all go together.  And, in tackling the baseboards kids are SO hard on a house!  How does a beverage end up on a window sill miles away from the kitchen and dinner table -- the only place drinks are to be drank? I tackle whatever else is in the way.
I'm in our Master Bath.  Preparing to run the Roomba in the bathroom (it's currently covering our Bedroom) --  I know, I'm spoiled.  I love that Little thing.  So, I realize I need a broom to tend to the 'potty closet.'  I head for the broom but it's not in the Pantry.
Where's the broom?
I find it in the Utility Room.  I take it and then sweep the utility room after swacka-chaca pulling out my paintbrush to dust all the baseboards in there as well.  Now, I need the dust buster.
Where's the dust buster?
I head back to Farmer, Jr's room where I was doing his baseboards and in dusting his closet baseboards I realize it needs a super good sweep before I can dust bust the 'dust'.
Where's the broom?  Oh, yeah.  In the Utility Room.  I grab the broom and remember I needed to dust bust the pile in the Utility Room.  I think the dust buster is back in Farmer, Jr.'s room.
Back to Farmer, Jr.'s room.  I complete the dusting of baseboards and the under the bed mess and sweep everything into a nice neat pile.  I still don't have the dust buster.
Oh yeah.  It wasn't in Farmer, Jr.'s room because I had to recharge it after doing Lil'Gal's room. I head back to the Pantry where my sweet, awesome dust-buster awaits it's now fully charged battery.
On the way, I realize I don't hear Roomba running.  "Oh, yeah.  I need to start her in the Master Bath".  I walk into the bathroom and see the open potty closet and --
Oh, yeah.  I need the broom.    FULL CIRCLE.  Ever done that?  :-)
Can you take a little more of me?  Today I have to finish the house and all and hopefully my articles if I get my response for my 1st article due for Austin Family.
But, Wonder-Mom is coming out and we are going to put in all the great furniture and stuff we/she decorated for the play room.  She even made the curtains for the little school house looking window up there.  Did I tell you she can do amazing things on a nickels' worth of pennies?  She totally can.
So, lazy me is thinking about tucking Macxine in for a battery charge and taking me a mini-snoozer before I start the busy day.  But, Smart me is saying to go preheat the oven for a hot breakfast for the 'boys.'  Hmmmm....  Which one will win....
Happy Monday!  [Psst, two days until my Birthday!!!!]



Jay said...

Baseboards are supposed to be cleaned? Hmm ... Just running the vacuum cleaner extension over them every once in a while isn't enough? I had no idea. ;-)

Someday when I'm rich I'm just going to hire a cleaning service to take care of things like that for me.

Lis Garrett said...

Someday when I'm rich, I'm going to fly Nova to New York to clean my house properly. LOL!

Farmer*swife said...

Lis The scary party is that I would enjoy it! I just scrubbed Farmer, Jr.'s tub and got the stain out of the bottom -- you wouldn't believe the smile on my face :-)

Anonymous said...

My house could use a good cleaning...

I think in circles like that, usually just before falling back asleep for the rest of the morning. You, of course, got up and accomplished mucho!!

Krishna said...

You kill me. Hey, try making a bunch of those piggies then freeze them flat on a baking sheet then put them in ziplock bags. saves so much time. I make 48 at a time and then about 2 dozen muffins all to freeze so payne can make his own breakfast.

Debbie Yost said...

I've decided we can no longer be friends. BASEBOARDS?! Seriously? Perhaps you missed this. Yep, I'm going to have to end the friendship before you do. I can't keep up with that!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Even I say you are a clean nut. ... Next time don't kill yourself and think at eye level (and the guest bath) But of course, I was washing windows at 12 a.m. about 2 weeks ago when I thought we had guests coming, so I am the pot calling the kettle black. Hope you had a wonderful birthday today (or yesterday, in this case)