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Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Dinner Serenade"

Dinner time tonight: DH is at the "V" having a few beers with his fellow farmers, probably discussing the rain we've had, the price of fertilizer, the crop market and maybe who shot what "at the lease" last weekend. Meanwhile, at home: Me, Mason and Aubree are eating our "Nacho Chicken, baked potato fries and green beans" and all is going well. Suddenly, my daughter decides to serenade us with the "sweetest" of dinner songs. Here's how it goes (and from what I can tell, to the tune of "A Bicycle Built for Two.") Never, Never, Never pick your boogars. Up Your NOSTRIL, is NOT where your finger goes! Don't pick yourself -- a winner, 'Cuz boogars aren't -- for dinner. So, don't get caught With your finger UP your nose! During which, somehow, my son pokes himself in the hand with his fork. Yes, there is blood. How on earth? PHONE HUBBY: "Come home please...boogars, forks and blood. My show starts in 15 minutes and I'm headed to the Queen of Sheba tub." Tomorrow, I'll get into "Top Model [Hooker] Barbie." Yes, I DO have something to say about this. AND, I have the pics to go with it.


Krishna said...

Never a dull moment is it!

Scottifer said...

Hey sis there's no "e" in Potato. Lovin' the song.