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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Rain Gauge

Every Farmer and Rancher has at least one of these things. Our family households are within a half of a mile of each other and we each have our own gauge. When the weather is on TV, the kids stifle their voices and the TV volume goes to high. Even if we just caught the weather 30 minutes before. In the mornings, it's at the quarter hour.

It's January, and in South Texas that means time to get the fields ready for laying the seed. And, we need rain. And, "It's never ENOUGH rain until it's TOO much rain," or so it seems.

This morning, Mom and Dad's gauge read at 1/2 an inch. Our Brother and Sister-in-law's read at OVER an inch. And, our's read at 8/10ths. The important thing is that, at a minimum, we all got at least half an inch. Being a "Glass Half Full Gal" I tend to go with the "OVER an inch" reading and I'm open to the good possibility that the other two gauges are faulty; at least this time around;).

Either way, the pitter-patter of rain on our tin roof last night was a welcome sound. A peaceful, sleep inducing sound. In fact, I didn't get a visit in the middle of the night from either my six year old OR my 4 1/2 year old. And, this morning, my Husband was happy and in a good mood. It's a good day.

After all, we got rain!



Krishna said...

Maybe today's cold front will bring more happiness to his face!

Farmer*swife said...

How Exciting! A comment! How did you get your pic in there, anyhow?

Krishna said...

I'll show ya tomorrow!