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Friday, January 25, 2008

Top Model Barbie? I think not.

So, I’m at the local Wal-Mart [kids are along and happily cooperating so long as the snack holds out] in search of a V-Tech Smile game for our sweet “niece Jamie” as she is turning three.

As we are searching for the V-Tech Smiley game isle we come upon the Barbie/Princess isle. And, what do I see before me ? “Top Model” Barbie. Only, she isn’t dressed like a Model, to me she looks more like a Hooker.

Now, I have no problem with Barbie herself. I love her! [Except for her high pitched happy little voice; after three back to back rounds of Barbie Island Princess it can get a little annoying]. Some people complain she looks “too perfect.” Well, I’ve met a lot of people in this world and several of them actually do look that perfect, naturally. So, I see nothing wrong with marketing those blessed by beauty perfection. But, WHAT is Mattel thinking?

Since when does “Barbie” wear black fish net panty hose? NOT the Barbie of MY DAY. And, to boot? The recommended age reads 3+. Um, what? Are we raising prostitutes in training? “Here Honey, practice putting the thigh highs on Barbie…it’s not easy Honey – you really gotta’ work at it!” These dolls need at least a PG 13 label.

I guess there are either a bunch of college frat boys interning for Mattel Co., or a bunch of horny old men are running the company. Either way, it ills me that these half clothed, trashy looking dolls are being marketed in this "fashion" as an acceptable way to dress. What impression is this making on our litte girls? If THIS is "fashion" then keep it on the run way, not on my daughter's Barbie doll.

Here are the pics I took at the store [apparently, there is nothing odd about taking pics in a store with your "camera" phone]. So, you decide for yourself:

So, we've got black fish nets, green thigh highs and pink tights. OK, so the pink tights are cute and at least she's fully clothed.

There was this one with RED thigh highs, a black mini skirt that didn’t really cover her tush, and a halter top displaying her naval! Oh, and she had a hairpiece with a red stripe (to match the thigh highs, I guess.) SHE's the one that really got me ranting and raving. I took a pic, but I accidentally deleted it.
SO, I went to every website I could find about Barbie but Top Model Barbie in red thigh highs could not be found! Apparently, “red thigh high” Barbie was even too trashy for MATTEL to post. But I sware to you – she is out there! I’ve considered returning to the store to purchase her myself as a lesson to my sweet angel of “how NOT to dress.”

And, with that being said, I’ll now step off my soap box.



Tink said...

Have you seen some of the clothes on the Bratz dolls? Egad. There was one that had a dress that came up to her crotch, showing off her bloomer-style underwear.

I wish I could answer your question about the post archive. I tried to find the settings for it on my own blog with no luck. Maybe it's the template you're using? I'm sorry that's not very helpful.

Farmer*swife said...

tink: thanks for trying to help. I am expecting someone to send me all this stuff about HTML and then I'll have to learn a new trade ;). Since you didn't, maybe I'm not that far behind or I'm SO far behind that you expected I had already tried that! LOL

And as for the BRATZ? It's not just the clothes, it's the attitude too. Seriously!

(Well, I tried to add some editing tags, but apparently I don't know how to "close" them -- GEEZE I gotta' upgrade my brain.)

Krishna said...

I'm so not ready for Barbie--of any kind--yet.

Farmer*swife said...

If it wasn't so cold...and nasty...and, gas wasn't so high? I would have gone back already to RE-take the pic of the "RED thigh high Barbie."

It REALLY gripes me that I could find the "others" online on various websites, but the REALLY, REALLY trashy one (the first one I saw) isn't posted anywhere on the websites. It truly made me wonder, and it also made me really mad! Because, that was the pic that REALLY made my POINT.

So, [I sigh a long sigh], y'all just have to take my word for it. She WAS there.

R.E.H. said...

I think it is more worrying that parents allow their kids to dress like that. But, then again, those kind of Barbies will make a kid beg and beg.

Thanks for visiting.

jz0227 said...

Ok, here goes. I happen to like the Barbies style of dress! I used to wear the fish-net hose in Jr. High! And, also at the disco clubs!! I even wore them to work; no problem there. Ah, fond memories. Those fish-net hose were so cool! (I guess I just gave my age away, huh?) Could it be because I'm a CITY girl, and not a Country/Farmer gal?
I think the dolls are very stylish. After all, it is play, and it is style. I may think twice about purchasing it for a 4 yr old, but would for an older child, explaining that those were "play" clothes and we would not purchase those kind of clothes for wear, so... don't even think about it!. They're kinda like "bell bottoms", they came back too! :) And yes, I used to wear low rise bell bottoms too! (of course, I wasn't 4 yrs- LOL! Wanna see a pic? :)