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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One last one today, because, it HAS to be said....

So, I'm not really into politics, but: In Today’s news…. Did you hear? Apparently, Bill CLINTON fell asleep in the middle of a ceremony honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. yesterday. “Bill” a/k/a former President Clinton, was sitting directly behind the Guest Speaker so that everyone in the audience could see his head bobbing and flopping around. LMAO!!! Too funny! Can you hear Hillary? OMG! I mean, really! And, in an unrelated interview? He actually stated that most of the political problems in Washington D.C. are “due to [could be accounted for by] sleep deprivation.” Pardon my language, but WTH? Is he on flippin' Cracker Jacks or something? Seriously, any new mother knows that as much as sleep deprivation should truly count for the somewhat “major mistakes” or “vocal bloopers” we make….it doesn’t. And, if it doesn’t count for us? It surely doesn’t count for him. Once again, Bill Clinton, you made a mockery out of you, the rest of US, and lastly but most intolerantly, you WIFE. [Not like he hasn't done that before, oops, SMM.] I mean, if I was sleep deprived and going to be at a major function honoring a truly honorable person…and, in front of hundreds, maybe thousands of people; and, my WIFE was running for President of the United [Freakin’] States of America? I don’t care if I was kept up by crazy chato-kizmic furry @$$ aliens – I’d pop some “No Doze,” or, at least throw back a couple extra cups of coffee on the way in there! If nothing else, the urgent need to pee would probably keep me AWAKE! Criminy! All, I know is, I hope he likes his beans and likes'em plain from the stalk. Cuz’ Hillary ain’t gonna be butterin’ them for a long….long…time. AND THAT'S all I have to say, about that.


Scottifer said...

Crazy chato-kizmic furry @$$ aliens. WoW! That's Awesome.

Krishna said...

Not sure exactly what this country is ready for but I seriously don't see Bill as the first husband, right?