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Friday, January 18, 2008

Hunting for Vermin

I am SO lucky to live in the country. We have an owl that has been visiting and I am hoping he will take up residence as we also have lots of field mice. And, I've got some great pics of a swallow (when he opened his mouth it looked like his face split in half, freaky), and I even have a picture of a hawk catching a rabbit! This guy has regularly been visiting us and floating over our coastal in search of prey. Isn't he BIG? Isn't he absolutely BEAUTIFUL?! This is one of those times I remember to appreciate God's creations and also my wonderful Digital Cannon Rebel! (Pics have been cropped and downsized for uploading but I sure hope you can capture and zoom in)


1 comment:

Krishna said...

Maybe you need a hungry cat or two to help keep the mice down? Or would the hawk eat the cat??