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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Mouse

  • This is a truly valuable piece of equipment. If this little thing doesn't work, then you are absolutely "SOL" if you need to get into your computer for ANYTHING. Mine is a wireless optic mouse. We just upgraded to the wireless part. The only reason the cord is plugged in is because the new rechargeable batteries are currently being charged in the unit, as I use it.
  • Apparently, we weren't charging it correctly or "over charging it" incorrectly because this morning it wouldn't work. I tried everything! It drove me nuts that I couldn't access my email or my blog, or "Fall out of your chair laughing & CRYING"s blog. Or, see if my BB (blog buddy) had posted something new. Screwed up my whole morning routine and I started feeling an anxiety attack coming on until I realized my husband's office is 30 seconds down the road, I have a key, and I can access all my stuff from his computer.
  • So, in addition to my other errands today, I left early to get a quick "internet fix" to get me through the first half of my day. Then, I kidnapped my husband's mouse just in case I didn't have time to go back to the store. But, I did so I purchased, a: new rechargeable batteries, b: a new mouse (I know I can take it back, but I might keep it as a spare), and, c: a cushy little mousepad made just for wireless optic mice (only $5.00, it was worth it to me).
  • As it seems the battery thing was the problem, maybe I should have actually taken the pic of the batteries. Either way, treat your mouse kindly. Use it on the cushy little mouse pad designed for it. Feed it some electronic cheese. Stroke it and pet it and remind it sweetly how much you appreciate and value it's little jobs to click, scroll, and move the arrow around. (Please excuse the extra dots, this blog won't hold my formatting)


1 comment:

Krishna said...

S is never going to let us play together again since it seems I've turned you into an internet junkie!