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Saturday, January 26, 2008

For the love of a doll.

I hosted a toy party tonight. Not THAT kind of party, a real "for children" Discovery Toys Party. A good friend of mine has taken this up as a hobby and they have exceptional, educational, fun stuff for kids! To re-iterate, the kids have FUN, while they learn.

So, my friend left ALL the toys with me a day early, for ME to paruse and enjoy. But, where there are toys? There WILL be children. They have an indescribable sense...for toys.

Upon discovering the toys [and, playing with several], that have been previously "tested" by my friends own children -- a doll, a pretty little princess doll -- was, left behind. My daughter promised to play with her and return her. But, those of us who have been "here" before, know it never goes quite that easily.

ME: "Where is the baby princess doll?" MY DAUGHTER [stating her case]: But, "Mama" she left her there ALL alone. She forgot her there, Mama? "Can't I keep her? She'll sleep....right...under my pillow, where I can keep her SAFE!"

Her sweetest of sweetest voice tugs at my heart a little as I explain that Mrs. T had to take the doll house, un-announced, in order to bring it here in order to "display" the doll house....and, Little Miss J didn't have a chance to check to see what was left inside.

My little Princess abliges, though unhappily, and places the the tiny little doll in my hands. And, then leaves with Daddy, and Big Brother for dinner and other "away from home" plans.

How did it end? What great friends we have! Mrs. T leaves the doll entrusted to my "doll," indefinately....or unless, Miss J notices her missing. It's lucky for my little Doll that her friend, Miss J, is so much younger than she and that Mrs. T is such a generous Mom. Thanks Mrs. T! It meant the world.... Ms. A will be so happy in the morning!

This is the "Princess, in training." You have to admit she is too cute with her little ballet slippers and pink tiara. How could a four year old NOT fall in love with her.

1 comment:

Krishna said...

Yes, Mrs. T was very nice to leave the doll. Aubry will have forgotton about it by tomorrow, right?

Ya know, I can't believe we missed so much time apart. Another ray of sunshine why I can't work now, right?