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Monday, January 21, 2008

Laundry Day

Okay, so EVERY DAY is laundry day. The baskets keep filling and I'm constantly sorting and loading the washer and dryer every time I walk by the "Utility Room." The "hang to dry" and otherwise delicate items are immediately layed flat, hung, etc. while rest is packed into the "clean" baskets at the bottom of my laundry cart until I hear those infamous words, "Honey?/Mama? I'm outa so-ocks." Chicken Biskets! I HATE sorting socks.

Because they drive me crazy! Because, I believe that not all socks are equal. The "clean looking" need to remain with their "clean looking" counter-part. The stained and ugly socks need to keep their ugly ASSets together and away from the rest of them. But, they DON'T do they? And, they like to dissappear.

For awhile I had this great idea that I would "alphabatize" them. That's what I called it anyhow. So, each pair of socks for each family member had a letter of the alphabet on it. And, it's match had the same letter of the alphabet on it. So, instead of laying out ALL the socks across the couch to determine size and stain variance -- I simply looked for the size of the sock, the letter of the alphabet, and the color of the letter (I color coded each family members' socks as well). And, WHA-LA -- perfectly matched socks every time.

But see? There slowly developed a hole in my "theory." Because, as socks age they develop holes in them. And, as previoulsy mentioned, they also like to hide and dissappear. So, I found myself with all these perfectly good socks with no matching letter, color, or pair. AAUGUGHGGH!

I've about corrected this problem, but it took me a few months as it would have been "unfrugal" to throw them all out and purchase entirely new socks. (Which is what eventually has happened, though over a several month period of time).

But, I digress. "Laundry Day." So, Sunday nights are my preferred and typical night to stand in front of the TV and fold the clothes into perfectly sorted stacks of who's "whats" that go where. All, while watching "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers & Sisters." I am sure everyone has their own little day/time, routine for this task. Unfortunately, due to the damn writers and their damn, stupid strike -- this routine has been all screwed up. [Note to the people in charge: Give them their damn money already, they deserve it and I want my standard TV line-up back!]

Luckily, the soaps work almost as well for folding and sorting clean laundry too. So, today I was able to complete this task. My point, you are wondering? (I'm getting there)...

My absolute favorite thing to fold are towels. Bath towels, hand towels, cup towels, and wash cloths. I know, I'm a freak! I can't help it. The next best thing to folding towels is the smell of Pine Sol and Bleach (although, not together, because that creates toxic fumes. I discovered this on my own when I was about six years old.)

Anyhow, today's pic is of today's satisfying activity: two stacks of perfectly folded towels. Folding the perfect towel is a "gift" in itself. How do "I" fold them? Well, that's another story for another day.



Krishna said...

OMG, you have GOT TO BE KIDDING! That's why you are growing lines around your eyes, too much worry about socks. LMAO. Next time. don't do laundry till you've had a couple glasses of wine! then you won't give a crap whether they match or not. LMAO!

Scottifer said...

sis if you were smart you'd do like lil brother. i have all the same kind of white/brown/black socks. it's so easy that way. if you lose one......wait you'll lose another and BAM! You have a set again. I do give life lessons if you need them.

Farmer*swife said...

Yes, that's the new system I've been phasing in. But, white socks still have a "stain variance" so I keep the "dirty looking" ones for dirty work days, and the "clean looking" ones for wearing to social events, in public, etc.

And, NOW, I buy only athletic socks with grey or black "stain resistant" bottoms. So, they all match regardless. If the ankle is stained beyond salvation? I chunk it immediately to save me the anxiety.

Aubree does have one or two pair of pink socks (little girls need these) and I have some anklet socks with pink soles (Mama's need them too).

I'll be sure to keep your "LL-101" in mind ;) Do you teach "in person" tutorials?