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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Mouse, AGAIN....

Okay, so remember the whole "mouse" thing from a few days ago (the electronic kind, not the field kind). Anyhow, it was a GOOD THING I kept my "spare" I purchased the other day. Come to find out? A short in the old "new" mouse. It wasn't the batteries afterall. (I knew that little rodent was the culprit of my anxiety!) We found this out "officially" when I popped in on my DH to take a quick check of my email (okay, my blog comments). So, I sign him back in and even load up his web page exactly to where it was. So, about 30 minutes later I hear the biggest RAT I've ever heard rambling through "everything" in the pantry -- it was my DH. So, after I b!t*hed "gripe-diddled"about how he's so dag'gum loud and the kids are asleep and the rest of the "nagity-nag" he probably heard in his head, I go back to bed. THREE minutes later, he's yelling, across the house mind you, about how "I" broke the mouse and screwed up the computer and gripity-gripe, moan and groan. So after we exchange some very vivid words, (well, maybe that was just me) -- I leave him with an equivalent of "flip-off" or something discourteous and disrespectful. (I was half alseep and he woke me, okay?; waking me is bad, very bad). I know, shame on me. So, this morning I come in to check my email (no, really this time) and there sits "the kidnapped mouse." I get a call about three hours later, "HEY!? Did you take my mouse??" Oops, I thought he'd figured it out when he found it and plugged it in last night. Anyhoo, he agreed that we definately needed to replace the old "new" which I finally confessed, I already did. (It was my spare).


Scottifer said...

I can read this and hear your voice talking a warp speed in my head and then grin as I have to read what you've written again. I love your rants but shame on you. I had to sign up for yet another site just to leave you comment so you don't bitch about no one leaving you comments. GRRRR! Oh and take it easy on my "DB". LOL!

Krishna said...

LMAO, now you've got S sucked in......shame on you. Thankfully it was only a mouse problem and not something more expensive. Send an email to all your friends with your new blog address!

Farmer*swife said...

Shame on me? It's a blog about ME, and my family. I can't help it! This IS my reality. This is how my mind runs all day long -- YOU should try living in my head with me. Ha Ha!

Shame on you K for getting me started on this. But, how were you to know it would turn into an addicting compulsion for me.

I love it though!

Thanks y'all!

Tink said...

Yay! I made it to your favorite blogs list! I'm tickled that you're going to try your hand at the WWC too. Maybe you can help me figure out a new theme. I'm running out of shapes. ;)