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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The "Squigie"

Now, I was hoping to come up with something better than this today, but it just didn’t happen. So, this is as good as it gets in an effort to try and provide a “daily dose” of my world according to ME.

So, this isn’t just any squigie. In fact, it isn’t even my squigie. It’s my DH’s squigie. Which, I guess according to the marital laws of the State of Texas, half of it does indeed belong to me. [I’d probably give on that one, should it come up, if we were ever to file for divorce.]

What does he “do” with this squigie, you ask? He uses it in the shower. Wait, that didn’t come out right. He uses it, after he showers. Let me explain….

After each shower, he “squigies” the entire shower. Glass walls, tiled seat, tiled walls, and yes the tiled floor – ensuring that all remaining water, no matter how small the drop, finds it’s way to the drain. YES, I’m serious. I can’t make this stuff up!

This squigie even has it’s own post where it hangs in the shower, always “alert and ready” to go into action when duty calls. So, yesterday morning? Just out of complete curiousity after I bathed in our shower….I didn’t squigie.

I just wanted to see if the world would fall off it’s axis (like it does with my OC quirks). And, to see, if he’d notice. He didn’t say anything. But, that doesn’t mean that he didn’t notice.

So, you see? It isn’t just me that’s quirky and obsessively compulsive about things. My DH is that way too. That’s what makes us two peas in a pod. We were made for each other. And, I love him for it! I know K., there I go bringing him "in to it" again ;)


Krishna said...

Well, with a new house, you want it to stay looking nice, right. we just use the shower spray. We, meaning, I, meaning DH forgets most times.

Jo said...

I have a squeegie in every shower. We have marble showers so whisking away the moisture really helps eliminate hard water residue, then I don't have to scrub very hard when I'm cleaning. Plus it's fun? Not sure why hub doesn't think so, he's just weird that way.