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Monday, January 28, 2008

About Mail....

So, whether you get it here....

Or, here....

We've all got [get] mail. If you are in any way attached to ANY address: Be it residential, industrial or professional, Apt., PO Box, or IP address... you get it. Mail.

And, mail is a GOOD thing. I, personally, LOVE mail. I always have. Even the junk. I know, I'm an oddity [yet, again]. But, to me? It's like tiny little pieces of Christmas and Birthdays all wrapped up together and delivered all year long.

It means, someone...knows you are there. Someone knows YOU are a someone. Even if you are a number or a are still important somehow in some way. It kinda' proves you aren't living in "The Matrix."

Mail, means you are blessed. You are a HAVE rather than a HAVE NOT. If "you've got mail?" There is a really good chance that you have a home [as opposed to being homeless].

If you have bills [that come in the mail], then you have credit or income, or at least the things that incurred the bills.

If you've got junk mail, you've probably got....well, kindling to make a fire should you be cold, or something to wrap some fragile stuff in, or a whole lot of spam to fill up your "deleted mail box" (but isn't it a good feeling when you purge it?)

So, Yes, I love mail. The old fashioned and the PC [MAC] kind. It's like little unexpected surprises in my day. And, I like all the mail. I look forward to it.

I find it, a little highlight to my day.
I'm a Glass Half Full Gal, maybe that's why I see it that way.


Krishna said...

I love mail and would you believe we did not get any yesterday? Sucks b/c I'm wanting my W-2 so i can finish my taxes. Today's mail was all JUNK mail. GRRRRRRR

Farmer*swife said...

I know, mail is so great! But then I hear people complain all the time. Martin Luther King, Jr. day was hard because it was a "two days mail-less" back to back!

Carly said...

I'm hoping to contribute to your mail via comment. It's one of the reasons I love e-mail alerts!