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Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Other Half

This is my Husband, my other half. Here he is drilling/screwing a piece of metal pipe [rebar iron, I think it is "technically" called] into the attic as reinforcement/support for the shelf he installed at the top of the garage to hold ice chests and crap.

This is his little helper. When we were building our "Bad A$$" house, Mason literally helped Scott load 36 sheets of plywood onto a trailer at Home Depot. Literally, carrying one side ALL...BY...HIMSELF. These are heavy, and I know, because we all helped carry the same 36 sheets up to the playroom to finish it out. Such a Big BOY!

This is my Hubby leveling the shelf to be sure that it's, well, level.
Isn't he HANDY?

He can do, make, build, saw, weld, ANYTHING...well, about as anything as we need. He can do a BAD A$$ job at it too, depending on how applied he is (ie: half-a$$ or whole a$$), and how important it is to him, [and, if it is important to me? how "appreciative" I'll be ;)] Honest to God!
When we were in our tiny ity-bity house, he realized that his long bed extended cab Dodge was too small for a family of four. So, he traded and "upgraded" to a crew cab FORD, long bed, 4wd! (Yea Baby! HOT TRUCK!). Anyhow, it wouldn't fit in our "pretend" one-and-1/2 car garage, so -- he tore out the back end of the garage and built in a cubby hole, so to speak, where he could pull the truck in and the front end would fit "through/into" the cubby hole! THUS, making his truck fit. He did this in matter of hours.

So although he is gripy and bitchy about 75 percent of the time, he is a great Hubby, a Great Daddy, a wonderful provider -- and so HOT, cuz, he's so damn mechanically inclined! WHOO-HOO for me! [I have to bathe the kids now so I'll mess with this crazy formatting later; I just wanted to get this online, in case "He" happens to check my blog tonight ;) ]



Krishna said...

OMG, I'm LMAO. So now that you are sucked into the world of blogging, now you are dragging him into it. He is never going to let me play with you again since I've taught you these bad habits. BTW, handy husbands totally ROCK!

Farmer*swife said...

Hey, now he "knows" he's an important part of it, he won't chap my assets so much. I figured if he knew I said good things about him, he wouldn't mind when I "bitched" about him. I HAD to do something!? Oops, I'm supposed to be preparing for CCD tomorrow (i'ts in the OTHER window)...