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Friday, October 16, 2009

Bit & Pieces Pet Pics & Brandy ;-)

So, bit and pieces. Kids are doing fine. Kept them home today as the week was a wash, Lil'Gal had an annoying cough that made her not so comfortable and Farmer, Jr. had leftover fever from the ear infection.
I was dreaming of sleeping in a little late on this fare Friday morning...cold front -- correction, cool front -- came through and it was nice and gray and cool outside. No sooner than the Hubby is ready to head to the office does Farmer, Jr. come down from their 'sleep-in' in the playroom...
All hungry... And, wantin' breakfast. *sigh* [Whoa is me, poor lil'ol Farmer*sWife.]
Kids remind me that since they are feeling 'so much better' and fever free now, that I was due to fulfill my end of the deal regarding the Bean is for Behavior Bean jars. [They'd finally filled them, all 64 or more ounces.]
Four errands later we return with stuffed pets (they spent their own money), DS games and Lil'Gal's new electronic kitty. This thing is pretty cool. It's a full sized cat that meows, purrs, licks it's paw, rubs it's whiskers and -- ROLLS OVER -- onto it's back for a tummy rub.
It was marked down on clearance. So, now we are a 2 kids, 2 dog, 1 guinea pig, 2 electronic hamsters, 1 electronic/robot cat sized family. Pretty cool, huh?
So, some new family photos:
Cool front; cuddles needed a blanket apparently -- he was cold... Farmer, Jr. discovered this little bird bouncing around our back porch. He was chasing bugs and pretty good at it. Except when he'd smack into a window, get a little dizzy and flutter without direction. He was sweet, though. I put out my finger and he climbed right on.
He then let the kids have a turn. The colors are beautiful!
Today started kind of glum outside which made me feel like cooking.....anything, everything, LOL! But, later in the afternoon it cleared and the sun came out and as you can tell (sorry about the sun reflection on my lens) it was a beautiful afternoon!
Perfect weather to bring out the Pups!
Lil'Gal spent some quality time petting the new (robotic but sooo real) Cat. The pups actually seemed to do fine with her around (the cat) but, she didn't meow. Had she? I'm fearful. Brandy doesn't like cats (so I was told) and Dulce will chase anything smaller than her, it seems. Me and my furry Gals hanging out on the porch.
Below: Me and my Big'ol Gal. Just can't get enough of her ;-)
Brandy, our recent adoptee, is just the sweetest, loving-est, loyal dog. I just laugh every time she turns that big ol' mug of hers to smile at me.
She loves the kids, and Dulce. And, she actually seems to enjoy them laying on her and all. She'll take any attention.
If I'm giving Dulce a good petting, you can bet Brandy will push that big ol'head of hers to get in-between. I tell her I love her and I love them the same but that she has to share me cuz' Dulce was here first, afterall. ;-)
She'll come up and lay down beside me in the yard while the kids and Dulce are playing. If I don't have a hand at least resting on her (rubbing/petting is even better) she'll shove me with her big paw for attention. And, should I remove that hand? She'll pick her head up and paw me again. Almost as if she can't cat nap next to me for fear of abandonment.
Makes sense though. Seein' that her first two families didn't stick. Well, with us - she's stuck. And, I told her so today. My favorite thing is when she comes up and just rests that heavy (often drooly) head on my lap. I just giggle.
Today, the kids were giving out milk-bones to the dogs. I felt something wet hit my leg. Brandy was so excited that her mouth drooled excessively -- the breeze blew wet pant on my leg! Gross, I know. But, again. I just laughed.
Today was a wonderful day hookey-day home! Days like this remind me that I have all that I need.
Happy FWFD of the Week! :-)



Prohomemaker.Com said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I hit Rite Aid for this week's free stuff and then a small grocery shop. Easy dinner. So basically a lazy day here, too.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh FW, this the best post you have ever done...I love your dogs and Cuddles too!!!!!