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Sunday, October 4, 2009

MEME: 5 'purdy' words

So, the other night I was blog hoppin' and I read Kcinnova's World where she had this nice little post, made up of 5 words assigned to her, and what they meant to her. I thought this was quite nice, as it gave a lot of incite into the little things that keep her tick, tick, ticking along. And, I volunteered to take on 5 words of my own -- but, I wanted "purdy" words because I'm all demanding and anal that way. She was kind enough to put up with me and give me some words she knew I'd like. :-) FAITH: Whoooo! This is a good one. I have a lot of faith. LOTS. If I didn't have my faith, I wouldn't be where I am today. Optimism takes a lot of FAITH. And, it takes a lot of BELIEVE-ing too. Kind of ironic that these were two of the words the children and I studied in our CCD class this morning. Faith is also hope. Faith is commitment. Faith is knowing it will all work out in the end. I'm not showy about it, but my FAITH is in God. He's never let me down. OCEAN: I used to really love the ocean. I still do. But, I don't like the sand. The ocean is both beautiful in how it swooshes around our planet and how it holds a world all it's own. It is also dark and dangerous. Tide High. Tide Low. It gives and takes. I do love the smell of salt as the breeze brushes against my face while making it's way to the dunes. FLOWERS: Flowers are very aromatic. They are also very soft. They offer a soothing spirit. They can be quite vibrant. My favorite flower is the Tulip. I love it's strength and sturdiness. Even more, I love how vibrant a tulip is in any color. Coral colored tulips are my utmost favorite. ORANGE: Like the the view from my kitchen of the sun rising brightly, largely and orange with red tints each morning. Like the sun as it sets on the Western horizon each evening. The ever standing and dependable color that distinguishes the days from the night. Orange makes me think of citrus too. When I read the word orange, I can almost taste it. Strange, huh? FLIPSIDE: Now where in the dictionary did she come up with this word? Flip side? As in, 'well on the flip side of that....' There's more to come when you flip the side. Life has a flipside. It does encompass the theory that there are 'two' sides to every story, every person, and to how you view life. Flipside: the alternate view, discernation, interpretation of the same thing. For some, the glass is half empty. For me? I see it from the flipside -- Cuz' I'm a Glass Half Full Gal. ;-)
Thanks KC, this was FUN!
Happy Sunday!



Jay said...

Excellent! You did a great job with each word. I'll email you my five words later tonight after I think of five good ones. ;-)

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks Jay, I just shared the 'what it brings to mind.'

And, thanks for the new words! Woooosh!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

All caught up ... can't wait to go to bed with Andy tonight (8 lbs) -- compare that with your new resident!

Gonna do a bit of grocery shopping tomorrow and empty the suitcases. We weer lazy tonight and just enjoyed being home instead of taking care of those and the trunk full of dinner stuff.

*First* taste of fall tonight -- 57 degrees!

kcinnova said...

Yay! Good job, and thanks for playing! :)
Tulips were my grandfather's favorite flower (he lived in Florida where they wouldn't grow, so I'd send him some for his birthday every year). I don't know where I came up with flipside... I just did! I do like your thoughts on it, though. Funny how that worked out, Ms. Glass-half-full-gal!
No one ever let me know that I had to find the words in a dictionary. ;)