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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Share My Towel? No thank you...

Le' Towel.

Le' after shower towel. Do you share? I don't.

What? "We're clean..." my hubby says. Um, yeah, I know that part. It's not the clean part that bothers me about sharing a towel. Its more about the who dried what and where. Don't judge me.

First, listen to my scientific reasoning.

Okay. So party A showers and is clean. Party B showers and is clean.

Party A & B have 'significant' areas that are significant and all. Party A dries off and ruuuuubs here and ruuuubs there to be sure that Aaaalllll significant areas are appropriately dried.

Then, Party A offers towel to Party B. This is not an immediately after Party A showers scenario. In this scenario, the towel has rested, still damp and somewhat warm with schluffed skin cells, and other who knows what 'significant body part stuff' from Party A, stagnating in the dampness for 10 - 20 minutes or more prior to Party B showering and exiting in need of a towel.

Mind you, double use of my own, personal, only me dried in insignificant and significant places towel is acceptable to me. (Unless my mind wanders and I'm drying my face and then I have to de-towel and dawn a new towel -- just has to be.)

BACK to PARTY A & B: Now, does that used towel sound like a towel you want to dry off with? Really? I mean, who knows what significant part that towel dried before you dry your own body and insignificant and significant parts. Come'on now. THIIINK ABOUT IT....

Would you dry your fresh face with a towel that someone else had dried their "hoo-hoo" or "boo-hoo" or any hoo with?

Yeah. That's what I'm thinkin'. So weigh in. Do share. And, be honest. Because I know. With my scientific thinking and reasoning... My point is true. One towel per you or whoo-hoo or boo-boo or anyhoo. Am I right?

Happy Sunday! :-)



Lis Garrett said...

LOL! As a rule, we don't share towels. But if I'm desperate for a towel to wrap my hair in, I might grab one of the kids' (but I wouldn't dry my face or body with it).

Jay said...

I don't share towels. I don't share soap either. I don't want anything that has touched someone else's sensitive parts touching mine. ;-)

Anna D (Admin) said...

LOL! I did notice that you tagged this post with "OCD"

Yes, we share towels! He showers at night and I shower in the morning so the towel is thoroughly dry before the other one uses it.

We do this because we feel that conserving the earths resources (water & electricity) is more important than whether or not I touch my clean face to a piece of cloth that my husband touched with his clean sensitive parts.

I don't mean to be too blunt but I voluntarily touch those parts directly. {blush}.

Your post did put a smile on my face...thanks!

Rocky Garcia said...

Even me and wife love each other, we still don't share towels. LOL! :-)

Dez said...


Dez said...

'scuse me... Or is that No Way OCD Jose?

tt said...

Damn!! I'm gonna have to wash towels more. Never thought of it that way before....shoot!! I'm all confused...cuz I do...on occasion allow the Hooha's to come in contact with each other and that's WAY ..than sharing a towel...
Lemme go think...gotta do some squishing....

kcinnova said...

In a minor towel emergency, it would be okay... but I'd rather not share. I hadn't really thought of it so in-depth (thanks ever so much... just what I like to consider after breakfast!!) but those are probably my own reasonings.

And I get TWO towels: one to pat my face dry and then wrap up my wet hair, one for the rest of me.