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Friday, October 23, 2009

P!$$ on everything.....

Yep.  P-I-Double S.  And, add in a little moan.  I woke up this morning in almost no mood at all; which, slowly metamorphosed into a nasty, steaming pile of crap.

I feel like someone p!$$ed on my parade.  I have lots of things on my "To Do" list today.  I was actually looking forward to today -- afterall, it's FWFD of the week,  right?  Well, plblt.

I did make-up my face, kinda.  It was time to take the kids to school and my hair is a big, flat, mess.  I ran a curling iron through it and then put it down and blew it off -- Screw it.  Screw the hair.

I realized when I got home and unloaded the SUV that I forgot to review my children's memory verses with them on the way to school.  And, I thought to myself, "Screw it.  It's Friday."

One of the biggest things on my "To Do" list today was to race against a million people on the internet, hoping my page would load before theirs with great tickets to see Taylor Swift.  It's been on my list for weeks, since I heard she was coming.

Every time I listened to one of her songs this fantasy would play out in my mind where me and Lil'Gal were sitting there at the concert, singing our hearts out.  Then, because she's so adorable and knows the words so well, we get invited back stage and my Lil'Gal gets to shake hands with Taylor.

You know that fantasy.  We all have one like that for ourselves and/or our children.

Well, I woke up this morning and heard those infamous words in my head, "Screw it."  So I did.  We aren't going.  What was I thinking?  Where were my priorities?  My brother is out of a job, I have friends who can't afford insurance, I live in a castle and here I was going to throw all that $$ out into cyberspace to spend 2 hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair listening to millions of (germ infested and some of them ill, I'm sure) screaming people I don't know.

Screw it.  Me and Lil'Gal can have our own music video here at the house.  We can watch a Taylor Swift video up close on our big flat screen T.V.  Besides, she'd already asked me, "We just sit there?  All we do is listen?"

My range top is dirty.  I hate that.  Screw it.  (Okay, don't screw that.  I'll clean it.)  We have a birthday party to go to immediately after school today for the kids.  A bowling party which should be lots of fun for them.  All I really want right now is for it to be over so I can be home on my back porch with my kids and my dogs and the beautiful day outside.

And, my pants are too tight.  Favorite jeans from last year are making their impression around my waist.  I walked into my son's room to put something away and his bed was left unmade.  Hmpft.

I crawled into it.

My kitchen is a mess, my floors need a mop, I have to wrap a birthday present and cut out a bunch of crap for the kids' school fall party next week.  The one thing I WILL be sure to do is sew the denim I washed and ironed yesterday -- it's going to be a table cloth.

I was watching the Today Show this morning (full of my mood and lack of wanting to do anything) and Tim McGraw was singing.  I love to hear him sing.  But, I was looking into his eyes and I got the impression that -- though he was singing a song with feeling and putting himself into it to perform it well -- there was something else going on in the back of his mind.

Maybe he had a fight with his wife.  Maybe someone close to him is ill.  It seemed something was bothering him, and yet the audience was clueless.  They were all lit up with smiles and happy, singing voices -- clueless to what was going on in his life.

But that's life isn't it.  The Show must go on.  Regardless if you are a country music star or a stay at home Mom, juggling many hats.  You have to put on that happy face when all you really want to do is say,  "P!$$ on it."

Enough griping.  Time to put on my Big Cowgirl Boots and deal with it.  And....maybe take a Midol.

Happy FWFD of the week!



Lis Garrett said...

Now . . . this is going to sound weird, but remember how I told you that I dreamed of you last night being mad at me? Well, I was moaning and groaning and doing a fair amount of bellyaching about nothing of great significance, and that's when you said to me, "Oh, just shut up already. Quit your complaining, and get on with it!"

The show must go on, indeed!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Lis, LOL! Yep. Just whining about it made me feel a hundred times better...

Prohomemaker.Com said...

My favorite way in which to explain these kinda days is to steal a line from Suzanne on "Designing Women":

"I'm about this close to climbing up in a tower and hurtin' some people."

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

FW! Time for the shiner bock eh? And isn't Tim McGraw married to that cute singer, whatshername?

Dez said...

Aw, so sorry your day was rough. Yeah, the tickets were a lot of $$, and a pain to get!
I hope your evening was much better. And, LOOK, a beautiful day today too!! {{HUGS}}

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

aw, I totally missed Tim's performance!!

The Queen said...

You have not seen a pity party bad mood until you have visited the queen... they don't call me the queen for nuttin baby...

hang in there and it'll get better.. I promise..