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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who likes Brandy? We do!

Meet Brandy. She's our newest edition to the family. After Blue passed away, we knew we were going to have to get another dog -- one, because Dulce is very social and she's been getting a little lonely during the day with the kids in school. And, two -- because, we are a two dog family. The kids wanted Dulce to have a friend and the kids also wanted another friend.
We had discussed this when Blue passed away. And, we all agreed we would adopt a dog that was good for Dulce and good for us too.
The kids have been nagging at me -- in between the trip to Georgia, school starting, Hubby's surprise 40th birthday party, gymnastics, karate and all the other hoopla that makes our lives so happily full.
Just look at that muzzle. Look at those sweet eyes.
Yesterday, I was watching the news at noon and they typically have a segment at the end of the program with a pet who is looking for a new home. I've been watching waiting to see if maybe the perfect pet will appear -- all the while planning a trip with the kids to the Animal Control Center or the Humane Society.
Yesterday, they showed this adorable Gal.
Look at that face! I know she shows some gray, though she is only four years old. They mentioned that while I was watching. She's been at the facility a couple of times. The first time they treated her for heartworms. The second time, the man had to return her due to a move or transfer -- the employees said he had tears in his eyes as he gave her up. His family would miss her too.
Just look at that smile!
So, they introduced her on the segment and she was so calm, so sweet, so docile (as is the nature of her breed. Mastiffs are known to be Gentle Giants.)
She turned and looked directly into my eyes through that camera and I knew she was the one.
I quickly called Hubby to run it by him. He happily agreed, "Go check her out, I know we need to get another dog."
So, I called the facility for details and location. And, I scrambled around the house before heading out to pick up the kids. Oh, JOY! I knew they were going to be so excited. As they loaded in the Chariot, I informed them of my surprise.
Questions, questions, questions they had. What's her name again? How old is she? What does she look like? Will Dulce like her? When do we get to go? The staff was thrilled that we were there specifically for Brandy. They have apparently all grown attached to her through her various stays. As soon as they brought her out from the kennel I already knew we were bringing her home.
They have a great play area and the kids pet her, called her, walked with her, "walked her" etc. Unlike Dulce, who is high on life and energy -- Brandy is LARGE and calm and happy just to walk beside you, sit beside you, or lean on you for attention.
At one point, Lil'Gal layed on her. Brandy just looked at her with that big, drooling smile. She seemed happy to have the kids there. Even though, they were quite excited.
I was a little concerned about Dulce, after her little temper when introduced to Piper. Though, Piper is a puppy and 'small' compared to Dulce (who is medium in size, LOL). And, I also knew that Dulce respected larger dogs -- like Blue and my MIL's weimer, Gracie. Like the lady who was the dog handler (who was very hopeful and happy that our little family, kids and all, were wanting to take Brandy home) said, "They'll work it out." I agreed. I filled out the application -- Yes, yes! You have to apply and be approved -- and, we hung out with Brandy until all was said and done.
As I went to escort Brandy to our vehicle, I requested a leash to borrow; having irresponsibly forgotten ours. The lady handed me a kitty cat leash. LOL! This slender decorated ribbon as it seemed to lead out a 108 pound dog.
Turns out, that's all it takes for this Gal. We loaded her up and she traveled so well. Upon arrival she sat up, excited. We unloaded her and took her for the meet and greet through the panels of the dog run.
Dulce's hair stood up a little on her back as she curiously sniffed at the large muzzle of the new dog before her. Hairs stood down. Then Dulce happily bounced around, waiting for us to enter the run. She wanted to play and she wanted to be pet.
Once in the run, Dulce did the 'butt-sniff' Hello. Brandy returned the gesture, and all was fine.
I let the kids stay out and play with the dogs awhile; even though dinner and homework were running a little behind.
Hubby arrived home and went out to greet her as well. "Whadda' ya' think?" I asked. "She's BIG," he replied. YEP. She's BIG alright. Big and perfectly loveable.
Look at that smile! Look at that Happy Gal! This morning I went out to see how they were getting along. Just fine. Dulce bounced and hopped and bantered between attention from me and wandering around. Brandy stayed by my side where ever I went, doing her lean to "pet me please" stance with a drooling smile.
So there you have it! We are officially a family of 4 with 2.5 pets. The .5 is the guinea pig. Boy has he turned into a spoiled one. I'll save that for another post, though. ;-)
FYI, these pictures in NO WAY do her justice. Especially, with regard to her size. So, calling all friends? Come out and see her! She's a sweetie <3
Happy Thursday -- almost FWFD of the WEEK!!



Krishna said...

Oh, we can't wait to come out and meet her!

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

awww what a sweet baby!! I can't wait to have a dog again... and yet... the hair... the barking... the price of dog food...
I think we'll wait a while longer still. But I do miss big doggie cuddles.

The Queen said...

That is just a way too cute pup....

Jay said...

That is a very sweet looking dog!

Dez said...

As soon as we get back, we'll make plans to come out!

Lisa said...

awe! We are a two god house too, a medium mutt Daly and my Chiuaua(sp) bitsy who poor pup is being treated for mange! and two cats and a ginea pig hahahaah

Lis Garrett said...


What a nice little (BIG) addition to your family! I am WAY beyond wanting another baby, but my heart is just aching for a dog.

When I land a book deal and we have enough money to fence the yard in, a dog is what I'm getting!!

(I've about had it with our cats - well, at least two of them.)

Congrats! She's precious!

jeanine p said...

Congrats on the new addition ! So what is she going to be for Halloween ?

ps thanks for the twitter ... I just might do it ... still hard to pull the trigger on the wii !