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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The GREAT FW Tricycle race.... FW Rocked it!

I triked it.
I totally triked out the tricycle race. What, you didn't believe me from my last post, Tricycle Races :-D
FW no tellie a lie; when she signs on for something (fun) she's sticking with it... No matter how many beer drinking boys sign up before her. That's right. I'm a trike riding Babe.... :-D
So, they made the announcement that you had to sign up ahead of time (I thought it was first come and saddle up, first to ride.) There were still two spots open for the tricycle race = for a $5.00 fee. No problem. Honey? Gimme' sum money.
I race down and as young couple (as in 21 and day or two) are asking, ", why do we race? And, um, what do we geeet?" I slide in, sign my name in the very last spot, hand over my $5.00 bill and answer them with, "The Title, but no worries, I already took the last spot."
Ruthless, I am, huh? They were actually surprised by my stealthy moves but also relieved that they could hang back and drink more beer. They smiled, and praised me with the fact that they would cheer for ME, and only ME! Squeeeee!
It's time. I do a couple squats to stretch my lower lumbar which has been giving me h$!! the past few days.
I hand over the flip-cam and hubby gets restless as he is now in charge of a new gadget. Hubby, likes to fiddle with gadgets. His, mine, yours, a strangers -- if he sees it and if he can reach it? He will fiddle with it.
Hubby takes a practice film clip. I'm like, "SAVE it for the RACE Honey!"
Here we are receiving our instructions and our obstacle course/track behavior instructions. One of the coaches was a little concerned about me being the only Gal, "Be careful and don't let these boys run over you. They've been drinkin' and all." I wink at her, "No worries." -- snicker, Um, I know how to hang -- that's why I Shiner'ed up x 3 for power and a caloric energy boost! :-) So, here we go. I'm the one in the burnt red top; the hair went up right before the race. I'm a serious competitor -- and, I needed to rid myself of any wind resistance. Trikes = speed, and these were dirt bike trikes :-D.
Waaaait'a'minute. Hubby is all happy camera man with a new gadget he hasn't fiddle with yet. Hence, the 4 videos for a 50 second race. This will give you time though, to check out the guy to my left. He weaseled in up next to me outta' no where and took the inside hook of the curve. PieHole.
So, if you pay attention you can tell I was off to a good start but when I rounded the bend (the part you lose site of me) my @$$ slid right off the tricycle seat due to not enough Pie-age to pucker up and clamp on. Of course, my feet and hands were gripped with speed, thus the Trike followed with my Pie/@$$ and I flipped over.
I was lickity-split-quick to jump back on though, and I took back and passed 4 other guys in the second pass....
On the last curve, the three guys in front of me all huddled up rounding the final bend to the finish line -- about to push me to the back -- I saw an opening on the inside curve and knowing I'd wreck with someone, I powered up and through! I paused only to apologize to the big guy I cut off and sent hitting the pavement. [Shhhh, eek, he skinned his elbow up a little there; sorry Big Boy, FW rides for real. Ridin' trikes ain't for no sissies.]
Had I not had that look back "I'm sorry!" moment of sympathy -- I'd a come out in third place, or possibly even a near second. D@mn my moral compass!
Almost Victory is a riot! [Knocking a big competitor outta' my way? Better.]
LOL! Got Trike?



Prohomemaker.Com said...

The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. ... I know why you fell off, your butt wasn't as big as those guys!

Kudos for you!

Dez said...

Or, maybe the agony of duh-beer? lol - FW, you were super! Who knew you were that fast?! Oh, yeah, I did. LOL Woulda been there if I coulda.

Jay said...

That looks like so much fun! They should add Tricycle races to our cardboard boat races during Crawdad Days here. Of course, we won't be allowed any Shiner's Bock. LOL ;-)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Omigosh, I can't help but say it, you were adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granny Nanny said...

OMG, that looks like so much fun!!! Hope you didn't hurt your bum when you fell off!

aylasmom34 said...

Those guys didn't have a chance! They cheated, they had 1 beer more than you!
I love how you take no prisoners.
You go girl!!
I wish I had been there!

Lis Garrett said...

I'm so glad I FINALLY got my @ss over here to watch your video!!! You are HILARIOUS!!!

You go!!

Anonymous said...

I am so so jealous!!! What fun!

kcinnova said...

See, you would have won if you had a bigger butt!! Powered by Shiner Bock, LOL

tt said...

My laugh for the day!! lol.....that'll giggle me for a long time...