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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear Chatty Gymnastic Moms...

Dear Chatty Mom's at gymnastics,
I will be there at the table today to watch my daughter and work on my son's homework, spelling, and health quiz review with him.
Mom A: Do not sit by me. Please watch the other two children you bring with you; not just your shining star having the private lesson in one corner of the gym floor. What message are you sending? [FYI, if there is punching today, I will be sure to intervene this time.... your kid/not your kid -- he shouldn't be punching other children.]
Mom B: Hey! It's great that you also bring your L.T. to work on your many things while watching your child, and chit-chit-a-chattin' with EVERYONE else there. So friendly, you are!
But, would you mind not chatting on the phone about all your personal drama? Congrats on the new grand-baby, BTW - but my son does not need to hear more details of the delivery - he's only seven right... Kindly? If all the calls are so dire to be made, could you maybe watch from downstairs where the other 15 of us aren't included in the convos? Thank's Gal. I appreciate it.
Mom C: Your toddler is adorably cute, but I think it'd be in better taste if you wouldn't let her run around in her diaper. I realize she may not like her shorts, but she kinda' needs to learn now....clothes are for public. Diaper wear in the home is fun -- but, not at a public facility.
Dad D: Yeah. I got nothin. You're just a great spectator. Thanks, :-)
[Are we seeing a pattern with gymnastics here lately?? FW might need an attitude adjustment, or not?]
Happy Tuesday, again.....



Dez said...

Well, what we did for the trip to Austin to keep Piper from coming to the front of the truck, was spread out a beach towel all the way across. She was very good and did not even try to cross that towel. Maybe you could try that? Then you could be invisible?

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I think it is great you work on homework with your son while your daughter is busy like that :)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I am *so* with you with people and their cell phone conversations. I was on a train to LA one time, and this woman said she had her hair done like Beyonce. All I could think was "Honey, you've got a lot more to change to look like her." Another time it was a woman talking about her brother in jail. Folks, you're not in a cone of silence! :-)

Momma said...

:) put a smile on my face this morning

Nel said...

I can't believe you just wrote about this. My friend has a 6 year old that stays with me a few nights a week. Last week, I took her to her gymnastics class and I was SHOCKED by the parents there. One lady did not get off the phone the entire time and complained about her husband for most of the conversation. It was terrible.

Lis Garrett said...

I love these posts, Nova! So funny. ;-)

Kelly Dawn said...

omgosh what have i been missing while being so absent lately? lmao...been there done that woman..arent they annoying?


Krishna said...

LMAO. i can totally see it. Just be a bit rude and tell chatty mom on the phone the truth.