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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Get your motor revved, Ooooh YEAH... (Music baby)

So the actual music video has been 'enabled by request.' You'll just have to make due looking at hit album cover (I personally, have not problem with this). If you need to, envision him singing directly to you. Men, well -- I think it still works both ways. Have a wonderful Thursday = almost FWFD of the week! Meanwhile, I'll do as I always do with a new and addicting song. I'll play it about a million times, wake up in the middle of the night singing it, dance around the house, school, grocery store and elsewhere until it finally -- like a bolt of lightening -- it finds an outlet. :-D SWEET!

1 comment:

Dez said...

ooooooo..... ahhhhh...... I've heard that song before, and Love it! I had just never seen Chris before. Mmmmm.... Thanks for the eye candy. My morning is already better. :~D