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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Addictive by Nature or Obsessiveness

As of late,  most of you know I've been totally engrossed in a new/old hobby.  READING.  Now, I've always been a reader.  I just tend to change the subject of what I'm interested in from time to time.  Two summers ago, it was the sweet romance novels I could check out from the library to read while encouraging the children to participate in the reading program there.

Then, I developed contacts with a few PR reps for publishing companies and they have begun sending me books on parenting, relationships, finances, children's books and the like to read and review and often they are generous enough to provide a 'giveaway' copy.

I still have two of those books that I've had by my bedside table for waaaaaay too long; you will soon be reading about them here.  And, I most recently received a comic strip book that takes a look at life a little differently.  I read a few pages yesterday but I need to really dive in so I can post my review.  FYI?  The author was kind enough to provide a giveaway copy!  Whoo-hooo!   So freebies are coming back to your future!

Now you all know I fell into the Twilight Saga and once I did there would be no rescue of me.  It was an addictive obsession and I had HAD to keep reading and going and knowing what would become of my sweet Edward [swoon], his lovely Bella, and of course, our hunky and hot (temp and build) wolf-pal, Jacob.

[Note, WonderMom fell hook, line and sinker into New Moon -- borrowing my copy of Eclipse and 24 hours later my copy of Breaking Dawn....  Yes, it is that intoxicating.]

As I was coming down from the high of these 1500-2000 pages of reading I began to wean myself towards that last half of the final book in the four book series.  Thinking, all the while, that after this my life would return to baseboards, door knobs and light switches (in addition to the regular household routine), and that eventually the whole Twilight addiction would become a faint memory.

I mean, after all.      Having a crush on a fictional vampire who is only (100 and) 17 years old, really isn't the best image for a Household Manager and WAHM to be offering up.  My hubby still shakes his head in wonderment (with a slight scowl to his face) when he enters the house and I am once again having a conversation with someone about the whole Twilight dynamics.  [Would you believe this happens almost daily?  Really.]

And, for me.  It wasn't about the vampires or the wolf/human shape shifters.  It was more about the passion and the true love and dedication of the hero and his heroin....  Or so I thought.


I thought wrong.  After having read Shiver, at LIS's recommendation (which was worth the read for a paranormal YA romance novel), I thought still that it was cool; but more about the young love.  I thought possibly, I'd detoxed from the whole idea and was ready to go back to those 'other books.'

Unfortunately, I was having yet another bout of insomnia and up way past late surfing the HBO channels.  (Whoo-hoo, a year and a half later and we have cable again!)  I stumbled across an ongoing airing of 'True Blood.'  I thought to myself, "Hey!  Not my thing but mine as well find out what all the hoopla' is about."  And, I did.

Knowing me, the next morning I emailed LIS for the low down on the books and I immediately downloaded the first one to my kindle.  To which I added the second book the next day.  To which I added the third book yesterday and if you know where this is going you know what I will be reading tonight (yes, book #4; TTL there are 8 of them this time).

So, is it that I tend to obsess about new things that suddenly capture the fancy of my brain?  Or is it that I somehow have an addictive nature to things and thus, I have a hard time breaking free of them?  [Or is it simply the lust the stories bring out in me....shhhhhhh.....] ;-)

I have an uncle who is highly intelligent and has always tested off the charts.  In fact he's on his fourth career I think and fifth degree or so.  He gets board, liquidates and starts all over again.  Yeah, sometimes intelligence makes you a little 'off' or eccentric in personality.

I've always referred to him as an extremist.  Because whatever it is he is doing or interested in at the time, he will spend hours on end convincing you that 'you need to do it too' and he truly believes that the rest of the world who doesn't fall in line with this new tangent is off their rocker -- or completely missing out on a certain level of true living.

I've never considered myself to be an extremist as I've always found balance within life.  But as of lately?  I dunno?  I sometimes wonder......

Either way, you won't have to wonder where I am or what I am doing in my spare time [I've been making a lot of spare time lately].  I'll be revisiting my new friends, "Sookie, Bill, Eric, Sam and the occasional other character that doesn't capture my fancy quite so much but is a necessary element to the telling of the story."

Happy Tuesday!



kcinnova said...

LOL, I have not fallen prey to the vampire genre. No time!

Melissa said...

I hate to tell you this, but there are 9 Sookie Stackhouse book, not 8, and #10 is coming out in May. ;-)

I suppose I shouldn't tell you about The House of Night series?!

One can never get enough of vampires, as far as I'm concerned!

Jay said...

I'm with Kcinnova. I just never got into the vampire stuff. But, I know lots and lots of people who have read them all. My sister being one of them.

Sonya said...

Absolutely loved this entry. The fact that we tap into ourselves so unexpectedly sometimes. Intriguing about the family member getting bored with career and attributing that with intelligence. I so agree. But sometimes society looks at it differently. I find that I want to be a meteorologist, a teacher, a writer, etc. Now I feel better. Course I'm stuck in HR and have not done anything about it.

(lol - my word verification is FLOSS - is that trying to tell me something? lol)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I've got some friends that are into True Blood, but I've never gotten into it myself.

I, for one, appreciate your addictive personality because it's kept you coming back to my blog time and again, and I love that! ;)

Don't worry about it. If you're enjoying the read, you're enjoying the read! Nothing wrong with that!