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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sera Sera... hmpft.


This is it.  It's back to school again.  For the kids, I mean.  But, that means for me too in so many ways.


It was fun while it lasted.  This morning I woke early but laid in bed awhile after Hubby left for work.  Checkin' fields and trying to see if they can get in anywhere yet to get started for the year.

Kids slept in awhile too.  We all had our last Hurray before.....tomorrow.  Back to homework and worry about spelling and science, and health and social studies.  And, one of the best students was pulled by his parents (friends of ours) due to a 'bully.'

I got knews.  That kid cause my kid/s any trouble?  I'll set it all straight, the teacher, the parents and the student too.  I think he needs medication.  His parents have seemed nice and they participate and help out with projects and all.  It must be hard to be the parent of a child who has been kicked out of public school and a second school as well.

So NOW, on top of stupid science and stupid spelling and stupid social studies, I have to be eyes-wide-opened to be ready to pounce and deal with this trouble at any time.  Hubby will be in the fields so I get Karate practice two evenings a week as well.  Lil'Gal decided she wanted to quit gymnastics for awhile. It wasn't a spur of the moment decision.  It's been coming but I made her stick with it to be sure.

I'm actually relieved.  Save some money for a few months while we decide what to try next and it will open up an extra week night for all the studies and reading.

Been working on clutter control around here (a/k/a adding to the Landfills, don't get mad WonderMom).

:-)  WonderMom is super big on recycling and reusing.  She's super great at it.  I'm pretty decent at it; but, every once in awhile a switch flips and it's 'toss it all out before I have a panic attack' mode. :-D

Got lots done today; more will get done with the kiddos at school.  Working on my scheduling my week thing.  It's going to take some practice and balancing it out until I get the right days lined out to do the right household projects in order to leave the best days free for the scrapbooking, reading, (especially) writing things I mentioned as goals in my last post.

Also, I seemed to have misplaced my cape and magic lasso so if you see them lying around email them back to me, okay?  After all, you can't just run down to the local Wal-mart and pick up another one. And, a Super-Mom really needs her cape and lasso.  (The cape is where I hide the Super-Booze, ha ha ha).  The lasso is for the gremlins, dust-bunnies, unruly children and occasionally gripey Hubby. :-D

So, there you have it.  Tomorrow I officially begin the New Year; the twenty-ten.   Que Sera Sera; I guess, whatever will be will be.

Happy Tomorrow!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

Good luck with tomorrow/today. I now see how hard it is for parents when school is in -- brings on so much more than just parenting. You become tutor, too.

Hope, if anything, the morning goes pretty smoothly for you.


Melissa said...

Yesterday was our first day back to school, and my day was jam-packed from the moment I woke up until I sat down in the recliner and fell asleep at an awful angle. I'm glad I made the decision not to have any extracurriculars during the week - it's too difficult to get things done otherwise.


Anonymous said...

What a great attitude to have going into the new year! Optimistic yet not naive. You know there'll be issues, and you're ready for them, but you're going to enjoy everything else in the midst of the "issues." That's a great outlook to have. You really ARE an optimist! I envy you!


Lisa said...

yep first day of school here yesterday too! And it sure is just as much work for us "super moms" as kids!

kcinnova said...

I'm good with the reuse & recycle, it's the reduce I need to work on. You'd have a panic attack if you walked into my house right now.

We had an extra 2 days off for Christmas break, thanks to what they are calling the Blizzard of '09, but vacation was still too short.