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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TKO'd the tantrum! Heavy Weight Mom!

Yeah, so those of you who know me and/or have followed me for quite awhile -- also know that my Lil'Gal was born with a mind of her own, won't take NO for an answer, and will basically question and battle every effort to contain/restrain/teach her boundaries and responsibilities.

This is not to say she doesn't clean and rearrange her room daily (never to me or her Daddy's taste in clean and arrangement and organization, but as I tell Daddy, 'we can't judge her too harsh when she is making a concerted effort AND setting it all up exactly as she wants it").  *sigh*

I love Mommyhood.  Mommyhood is *hard*.  I *heart* being a Momma to two such beautiful, wonderful, smart, and works of Godly perfection that I am lucky enough to mentor and imprint upon the slate of their lives.  Ahem, still, all the jazz comes with a bit of *hard*.

TONIGHT!  I am victorious!!! The battle was small but it could have become voracious.  Afterall, it is bath time.  Hubby and Farmer, Jr. are at karate and they will probably fall into shower together.  (Our's is a large shower and they treat it like the guys locker room).

Lil'Gal agreed with a blown off, "Okay" when I told her it was time to bathe.  That, I was indeed showering and that she needed to bathe or shower.  Typically, this is met with, "Mama can I shower/bathe with Yooooouuuuuu?" *sigh*

But tonight, no such request.  Just a simple, "Okay!"  I reminded her, "You need to bathe or shower too!"

[Enter me after a nice, hot shower all to myself], Um, Lil'Gal.  You haven't bathed yet.

Lil'Gal, "BUT...I wanted to bathe with YoooooouuuuuUUUUUUu!?"

ME:  "Lil'Gal.  I already showered.  I told you.  You said, "OOOKaaay."


ME:  "Lil'Gal.....You said, O-O-O(pause) KAAAaaaay!"

Lil Gal:  Freak out in tantrum.  Tears, anger.  Aggressiveness towards me.  Somehow, this is all. MY. FAULT."

ME:   Loosing temper.  But then?  I tell her calmly like it is, how it is and/or how it will go down.

"You may shower in my shower or bathe or shower in your bathroom...."  Temper tantrum response, anger, crying.

ME: "If you choose not to bathe....I will wake you up at 5:30 and throw you in the bath or shower whether you like it or not.  Because....  You must bathe and be clean."

I walk out.  Tears and fits of words falling behind the door to her room as I close it.

I head back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and quite pleased with myself for not bringing out "Demon-Mom voice and face" [I hate Demon-Mom, yet Lil'Gal is sooooo good at bringing her out in me.  I might need to consult with Spider Man or the Green Mask dude about this.  Or, I could take it up in my prayers....]  Suddenly, I hear tears and disconcertedness and conversation goes on about what all we can do AFTER we bathe if we BATHE and quit wasting time, and....

In my shower she goes.  Happy, singing, and cleaning herself and washing her long goldy locks.

"I WIN"!!!!!!!  And, I didn't lose it first!  That's a big, fat TKO in Lil'Gal's super Temper-Tantrum powers!!!  Tonight, I shall sleep like a SUPER-MOM!  I think I'll even wear my cape to bed.  Watch out Hubby -- I'm feeling the lasso tonight too! *giggle*

Happy TKO to your day too!



Jess said...

Ha! After all that, I love that she was quite content while showering. Life's rough...mean Mom, making her be clean :) Just wait until she gets older and you can't get her out of there!

I do have to say: I'm jealous of your huge shower. My apartment sized one just isn't cutting it for me anymore!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Yea!! Good for you. I know how *hard* it is to not fall into that baiting. ... Gold Mom Star to you!

Melissa said...

Bridget is really good about bringing out the demon mom on me, but then she calls me on it, saying, "You really, really hurt my feelings when you yelled at me." Talk about a 4 yr old having the power to cut you to the core.

Good for you for keeping your cool. It's a difficult thing to do at the end of the day!

kcinnova said...

Luckily you are a morning person! I told my youngest (age 10) the other day that he needed to get cleaned up and let him choose between bedtime shower or a shower in the morning. He chose shower in the morning, but then *I* overslept, so I have no idea if he showered before school or not! (He's an independent kid who can get himself ready and out waiting for the bus when Mom is sound asleep.)

tt said...

You still got it babe!!! you rock..ya know what 's said is true...Mean Moms are the best.
****gigglesnorting away****

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