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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stubborn Water Spot Stains on Glass?

Do you have windows, glass doors or even glasses that you just can't get rid of the built up water stains?  Well I, FW, have the solution.

I myself previously tried glass cleaner with amonia - NOPE.
I tried vinegar - NOPE.
I tried Lime-Away which worked okay.

But, I found my crystal clear solution in a 50/50 CLR/Water mix used in combination with a nail brush.  The spray bottle is one I'm reusing after I ran out of Clorox Bleaching Bathroom Cleaner (the spray nozzle has a 'FOAM' option).  The nail brush is an old one that Hubby or son are no longer using.

Be sure to wear gloves for this:

Fill your spray bottle half way full with CLR.  Fill the rest of the bottle with water.  Replace the sprayer nozzle and shake and/or spin the bottle to mix the fluids together.

Spray down the entire surface of your glass project.  Spread the CLR spray over the entire surface of the glass in a scrubbing motion with the nail brush.  You might find areas that are heavier in build up.  Keep scrubbing.  Maybe treat with a second spray of CLR mix and then scrub some more.

Rinse (preferably with a shower sprayer or spray nozzle) the entire surface with water.  Squeegie.

TA-DA!  Crystal clear!

I do this to our glass shower walls about once a month and it always works.  If you have water stain build-up that has built up over a long time you may need to apply and let sit.  Apply, scrub and let sit.  But, keep working at it and it will come shiny, glossy, glassy clean. :-D

Farmer*sWife tip of the day!  Hurray!!



Sonya said...

Thanks for sharing that. I don't know what CLR is though. lol

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Sonya, CLR stands for 'Calcium, Lime, Rust.' Thus the product is named CLR. You can find it in the cleaning section at most grocery stores or in the plumbing section (I think).

It's a product specifically designed to deal with calcium and lime type deposits. And, it also tackles rust too. :-)

The Queen said...

I am still trying to get WHATEVERTHEHELL they put on these sliding glass doors off.. I'm sure it was met to keep them from fogging up in the humid summer and freezing over in the winter... but I can't get it off and it looks smeared all the time.. GLAD IT'S GONNA BE SOMEONE ELSE'S PROBLEM NEXT YEAR!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

How did I miss these posts?!

Great tip. We squeegee the doors every time, so it's just a once a month with Scrubbing Bubbles, and we're smooth as silk.

But I do like your tip about just letting it sit. I learned this from cleaning houses -- sometimes it's best to let the product work for you (meaning eat the stuff away without you coaxing it along)

Gonna try this on our shower doors when I am ready for a super-duper clean.

kcinnova said...

Wish I'd known this one back when we had glass shower doors!