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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why be blind when I have a choice?

So, basically, I'm blind.  Like "Scooby Doo Daphne" blind.  I don't know how many times a month I actually find myself on the floor doing the Daphne hustle, feeling the floor for my glasses that have fallen from the neck of my sleep shirt.

See, I'm THAT blind.  I wear my glasses at my neck when I sleep at night.  Because, if I leave them on the night stand, there is a good chance I'll knock them off reaching for them (because I can't see them) which ends up with the Daphne crawl all over again.

I'm a -7 in the right and -8 in the left.  My contacts have become exorbitantly expensive, and my eye doctor varies what brand and type as my eyes continue to be more and more irritated.  I'd opt for glasses except that it is VERY hard to drive (even during the day).  It's just not comfortable.  It is like, wearing your eyes on the outside of your body.

At this point, I can't even put on make-up without wearing at least one lens.  In the past, I could stand in front of a full mirror, nose to glass and apply eye make-up, etc.  Then, I'd adorn my glasses.  But, now, I can't even function that way.

And, my eyes are always irritated, burning, itchy, and red.

In the past, my eye doctor has suggested Lasiks a/k/a E-Laseks.  Fearful at the thought of losing what vision I have, I took a pass.  I've been pondering it for over a year.  When things are rough, visually, I become determined.  But, then.  I get leery again.

Last week I had my regular visit with my eye doctor.  We did all the "one or two... one or two" dance and he got me up to prescript.  He put me in a daily wear lens in hopes of mitigating all my other symptoms and prescribed a great eye drop (that runs $100.00 without insurance).  We discussed Lasiks.

In the end, I know it is what I need to do.  I've just been afraid.  Everyone I know, it seems, has had it done.  And, most of them are at a -3 or -4; so, why them have I been waiting and living miserably?

Today, I had a consult.  They redid all the measurements and my eyes are healthy and in line where they need to be for a successful procedure.  I watched the video, I had questions but they were all answered and covered.  Out came the calendar and I.... scheduled.

PROs:  I'll be able to see!!  All the time!  And, drive whenever I want!

Though the entire prep and recovery process is two hours at the office, the actual surgery only takes 60 seconds per eye and you don't feel a thing and they give you valium to relax you (which is good, because it takes a lot to get me to relax -- especially, if it is going to be something messing with my eyes.)

I'll be up and at them in 24 hours and driving myself again in 48.

The day of the surgery, there is a mandatory nap of 4 - 5 hours when I get home.  To let the eyes rest and heal.

CONS:  No heavy reading or computer work for about a week.  WHAT?!?  All I've been doing is reading and LT work lately.

It's expensive.

That's it.  So, I'm going for it.  Next month is our anniversary, shortly before Valentines.  You know what hubby is giving me?  The gift of sight.  :-D  He's awesome!

Happy Hump-Day!



Melissa said...

You and I share nearly the exact same Rx! I'm -7, -7.6. Funny, I had asked my eye doc about the procedure, and he said I might still need to wear reading glasses after. Why bother, I think? And I've heard a lot of people say their night vision is affected (and I have a hard enough time driving at night as it is!). I'm too squeamish anyway. I don't mind wearing my glasses - they're cute. ;-)

I'll be REALLY curious to see how it goes for you, and I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.

kcinnova said...

My brother had his Lasik surgery before it was legally acceptable in the US -- he had to go to Canada to get it done. He has never regretted it and he can see!
My eyesight is worsening and I now have reading glasses. It's almost time to go back and see how much worse I've gotten in the past year.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Lis, we have so much in common that it is almost earie! ;-)

I wouldn't mind reading glasses for those occasions. But, to be comfortable and be able to wake up in a hotel or friends house or even my own home and see who and what was where sounds fabulous.

AND, my eyes are always so uncomfortable. I don't know how you can even drive at night with such bad vision. I get the starburst and glare so bad that I have to pull to the side when there is oncoming traffic.

I'll keep y'all posted!

Jay said...

It's always scary to let anyone at our eyes. But, I've known so many people who have had that surgery and they all say it was worth it. Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a sweet valentine's gift! I have only heard good things about lasik, so I'm sure you'll be fine! Good luck!

I have just now gotten to the point where I've realized I'm pulling out my glasses more and more often for routine activities. It used to be only for when I was in the back of the room and needed to read the board at the front of the room. Then I started putting them on when I was driving somewhere new, in order to be able to read street signs better. Then any time I drove at night. Then any time I got in the car. Now it's any time I watch TV or get on the computer or go to a movie, etc.

So . . . I'M considering getting contacts. Which puts me in the same boat as you, except a step behind. I'm nervous about it. I've never worn contacts. It's weird to think about poking myself in the eye. But it irritates me to wear my glasses all the time.


(PS I have a new post up!)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

My Mom had it done as well as our HOA manager. Both rave about it. Good for you -- and Valium.