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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mr. Cuddles (The Guinea Pig) Live on video!

I've video'd this little guy a few times but he always gets camera shy.  Today he was a little more participating.  I guess he was feeling stardom, LOL!

Usually, when I walk by the utility room he hollers out a little greeting.  Unless he is hungry (mind you he always has food but he likes it freshened up and he also is a big lover of my salad and hay).

Sometimes, I'll call to him from the kitchen with a high pitched, "Wheeee-Wheee!"  To which he almost always squeals back to me, too cute.  Hubby always tries to get me to get Cuddles to do it when company comes over; like a side show, ha ha!

Anyhow, as mentioned, he simmers his squeals and excitement whenever the video camera comes out.  If only you could have heard him before I hit record.

Oh, and the under the chin thing.  He's typically not so trusting of that and tends to nip or bite should someone try.  I think it is a safety issue.  He would NEVER let the kids do this.  He used to let me do it from time to time but once I tried it and he wasn't in the mood and he bit me.  My bad because I was messing with him in the cage when he wasn't in the mood.

Anyhow, I waited a couple of months and then I started letting him sniff my hand or finger and then I gently rub under his chin in a questioning if he'll let me pet him.  Usually, he does and now he has realized it feels quite nice.  His fur is soooooo soft under there.  But, if he hears the kids around he immediately jumps back into the kennel.  [He and I have a nice, calm, understanding relationship...]

The kids ask why he talks to me (mostly over them) and all.  The truth is, even in their most sweetness, they annoy him a little sometimes.  They get too loud and excited.  Farmer, Jr. does real good on his own. Lil'Gal however, asserts her authority over the poor guy.  What she thinks is cute and fun tends to make him quite nervous, LOL.

I think if we would have raised him from a baby guinea it wouldn't be so much this way.  I grew up having a guinea pig from time to time.  But, when he was living with our friends (from whom we adopted him) he was out in the barn most of the time with the rabbits.  So, with the exception of outdoor animals wondering around, I think life was pretty uneventful and he was able to just be himself, LOL!

At least their children were better with these type of animals and didn't annoy them and make them nervous?  Ha Ha!  Poor Lil'Gal.

Anyhow, I have definitely proven that one CAN indeed, spoil a guinea pig!

It is funny because in the early mornings when everyone else is asleep and I walk in to get a can of biscuits or something from the spare fridge in the utility room, Cuddles will squeal with delight and stand on his bowl -- requesting breakfast. Too cute!

Then, sometimes the kids will run loudly through the house and he'll hide behind his box and then I walk in and he recognizes my footsteps and will pitch me a little squeal for a snack. When he wants hay, he will squeal, and when I walk in he will run around his pen in excitement, jumping along the way and then stop right where I always put his hay. Isn't that so cute and adorable?

If he hears a plastic bag in the house, he assumes it is my home-made salad mix and will squeal again asking for some 'ensalda'.

Pets, I tell ya! I had to explain to the kids that he and I have a lot of time in the house together and that I am the Mama and all the pets love the Mama just as much as they do. Everyone knows the hand that feeds them (and loves them) :-)



Melissa said...

OMG! Y'all are TOO cute together!

Krishna said...

Too funny. He's a licky guy. how about brandy...we needs some footage of her now.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

LOL! Krishna, Brandi is soooo BIG NOW that she won't fit in the camera, ha ha! She's definitely happy and has filled out since we got her.

I can't wait to see what she is weighing in now when she visits the vet next month

I'm guessing somewhere around 120 lbs. :-D

I totally *heart* big dogs; especially the gentle giant kind!