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Monday, January 18, 2010

Grades should be paid in salary....

As a child, I never minded homework.  Okay, on occasion.  I hated research papers and stuff, not that they were hard for me.  They were just something that had to be done that I didn't feel like doing.  But, school was my job at the time and I performed quite well.  I was promoted within the grades until I ranked as an honored high school grad who went on to work full time, pay her own apartment, utilities, fuel, insurance, food, etc, all while paying her own way through night school.

I didn't get to participate in a ton of the extra-curricular stuff like kids do now days.  Though, it seems that there is a whole lot more juggling going on these days.  For example, my nephew and SIL and BIL just finished with his entries into the Junior Livestock show.  It takes up an entire week just to attend and participate in the show.  And, during that week you start in the a.m. and don't get home until WAAAAY late in the pm.  Additionally, this doesn't include the months of preparations, working on your shop project, raising your livestock for the show, etc.  NUMEROUS HOURS (that I'm guilty to say I am NOT looking forward to).

My point.  This homework thing is getting out of hand.  I mean, school is a kid's job.  It should be like a nine-to-five deal.  Maybe eight-to-four which is basically runs on average.  Kids don't get paid in overtime grades or earn extra credits and merits for homework.  Typically, homework is like taking extra taxes and disability out of their grades that they are never going to get back because the system is using it all up.  Hmptf.  [Did you get that analogy?]

I mean, if kids are going to have spelling each night to practice, a reading test weekly to review the story all week, a weekly health and science test to review for in addition to the daily worksheet or math assignment -- then they should be paid grades in a salary format.

I think this concept would actually promote and encourage 'over-achievers'.  Those who want to do the minimum will take the day job, clocking in and being paid in their daily jobs by the hours they put in at school.  Those who want a little extra might choose to be paid by salary, so that so long as they perform their schedule can be flexibile -- good grades, performance and still flexibility to participate in extra-curricular activities so they can be more well rounded with their family time.

I mean, seriously?  Who has time for 'family game night' on Wednesdays (or any day during the week for that matter) when we are too busy juggling healthy meals 'together, homework, reading, and the 'to round us out' extra curricular stuff that is supposed to put a little fun in our lives.

Anyhow, I vote grades paid salary style.  Or, I also like the option of 'over-time.'  Hey, if the kid brings home some extra work and grades well, that grade should count time and a half for the over-time hours allotted to those studies.

Let's bring schooling to the real world, shall we?

I know.  Many of you have heard me P!$$ and Moan about second grade.  You are all probably tired of hearing me whine.  I just want y'all to think about my theory.  Maybe the kids could write Pres. Obama a letter or something.

What do YOU think?

Oh, on a side note.  Tomorrow's post will also be a 'P!$$ and Moan' encounter the subject of 'Why I hate the 100th day of school.'  :-D  That'll be a fun one!



kcinnova said...

The 100th day of school makes sense for Kindergarten students, and that's about it. Please tell me they don't make a big deal out of it after Kindergarten!

I understand that the purpose of homework is to reinforce what is being taught in school. Still. With all of the homework, there is very little time for other activities, especially as your kids get older! My 17yo runs cross-country (fall sports) and winter running club (winter). He ran 10 miles after school the other day, then walked the 1.5 miles home, changed his shirt, shoveled in some supper, and left for choir practice. Home again at 8:45pm so he could spend the next 4 hours doing homework. It's exhausting!
I prefer the way the Germans have school: Monday - Friday from 8 or 9am to 1pm; alternate Saturdays are the same. They have plenty of time for homework AND sports or other extra curricular activities.

Melissa said...

It amazes me how much homework Farmer Jr. has in second grade. Jacob gets a packet for the entire week, which he usually finishes in one night. Hannah, on the other hand, usually has two pages of math a night, spelling, reading, and anything else she didn't finish at school. With reading, she spends 90 minutes to 2 hours on homework. We don't do extras during the week. We just don't. Otherwise all Hell breaks loose.

Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree there is something to be done with education and you have a good ideal.

Anonymous said...

Exactly why I always looked forward to the end of school and the beginning of my working life. I was sick of not being able to go home and just chill out if I wanted to. There was always some project, some paper, some research that needed to be done, and if I didn't do it and chose to try to relax instead, my mind nagged me the whole time about the fact that I was choosing fun over priorities. Ugh. That's why I don't want to teach. The cycle continues. So yes. I agree with you. Completely.


Prohomemaker.Com said...

I always liked when we had bonus work. Tat way, it was your choice to do it (and me being the overachiever, I loved it).

I'm gonna take some heat for the next comment, but I also think parents tack on *way* too many extra-curricular activities. For me, I had Cub Scouts once a month and church choir on Sunday. That was it.

All these additional classes,sports, etc., were choices that were made. No one is gonna fall off the productive world if they don't take karate classes or learn kiddie yoga. Remember you agreed to enroll them or didn't say, "That's too much" when the subject was broached.

OK, stepping off my soap box.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

True, Pro-Home, but does that mean the kids aren't allowed to take an extra curricular activity once a week if they want to? For fun?

They are kids and should get to do something fun too -- not just all the school homework. I agree, I too LOVED bonus work and I typically loved school (not all the students, but the education).

If my daughter wants to take gymnastics once a week or piano lessons and my son wants to take karate or play T-ball in the spring we all should be able to do that without struggling to keep up with all the 'extra work.'

School should be school (20 mins a night for 2nd grade isn't bad homework with some reading) and home time should be for the family. Like the old days, and farmin'. Course, I know they were all up at 4:am.

Anyhow, this little thorn is my soap box. ;-)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

No I agree ... sure, one extra-curricular I can see. I had church choir. But a lot of times, I see parents adding in soccer, this class, piano lessons, etc etc etc until the kid (and parent) is basically running ragged all week long. IMO, school is the top priority and everything else gets worked around it.

I understand homework is more so nowadays, so I understand where you're coming from. My brother told me as much with his son, but at the same time, I saw how their daughter ran through a gauntlet of extra-curricular activities until finally her mom said "you need to pick."