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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I need a private blog....I hate change.

It's not change per say, but spontaneous change. I take issue when things don't follow the norm and the plan. It is not to say that if one task is completed out of order on my list that I am bothered, but if the list is not completed or the day forces a whole new agenda -- unexpectedly -- that is what I don't do well with.

I can be spontaneous, as I have said before, when I plan to be spontaneous. For example, a certain Saturday is open. No plans, not too much to do. So, I think to myself, "Hey, if something fun comes up or if so-and-so wants to come over -- cool. It's a spontaneous day."

But, should it be a Monday and say Wonder-Mom is like, "Hey, let's take the kids for ice cream after school today!" I'm like, "Noooooo, this is Monday. We go home. Kids eat a snack and play for 30 minutes while I review their homework, spelling, test schedule and curriculum for the week. Then I set it all out, call them in to tackle said homework. Then they play while I am preparing dinner. We eat, they bathe, we read, if, IF, there is extra time, they play a little or watch some cartoons and then to bed, I make lunches, tend to the kitchen and other priorities, bathe, go to bed for T.V. or reading and try to beat the snore-factor to sleep." It was busier when we had gymnastics after school, but I had a plan and schedule in place for that too.

Seriously, this is how Monday typically is mapped out at our house and in my mind. Should something veer? Or, present itself unexpectedly? I don-do-too-well-with-dat!

Should Hubby pop in or call to say (at say 4:30 or 5:pm) "I can't take Farmer, Jr. to Karate today; you'll have to do it."  I freak!  I have a temper tantrum.  If I know the day ahead, no biggie.  That's just how the punches roll.  (:-D get my pun?)  But, if I am in the middle of homework, studies, and dinner..... GRRRR. I don-do-we-wit-dat-either.

Does that make sense?  It's just how I'm wired.

Anyhow, TOOOOO-DAAAAY, has been all over the place.  Having not been sleeping well and finally feeling sleepy (good-sleepy) at 5:45 I opted NOT to get off the couch and go shower but to lie there another 15-30 minutes.  STUPID me.

I ended up behind on my morning though, luckily, Hubby called at the last minute (my hair still in clips with curling iron hot and in hand and 5 minutes before walk out the door time) and said, "I'll take the kids this morning!"  Phew!  That gives me back 45 minutes of my morning to get back on track for the 30 that threw me behind.

Meanwhile, I get a text from Mom about property tax and ag exemption cr@p that has a possible deadline of being due say, yesterday?  >:~(

On the schedule amongst other things that came up unexpectedly (I'd originally planned to work on my 3rd writing assignment before I left) I was going to pick up Sweet D to take her to see "Avatar."  I so wanna' see it.  But, don't really care to see it in the theatre.  I dislike the movie theatre for sooooo many reasons (all of which have been previously noted in a post here on this blog).

In addition, I was waiting to hear from my Daddy because I wanted to talk to him and see what is up over there.  (You know when you just get a feeling).  But, he played incognito last night and I knew he'd see I'd called (a million times) AND left a v-mail AND sent him a text message.  Anyhow, he did call me later this morning, but he didn't squelch my 'feeling'.  Hmmm.

Last minute Hubby calls and says, "Hey, I can't be around and the phone guy is gonna' come and needs to check our line by the house so you need to be there."  I was supposed to be walking about the door in 10-15 minutes.  CR@@@@@@P!  [Said phone guy was suppppoooooosed to be here yesterday afternoon.]  Someone ain't following the program. >:-{

Anyhow, I was able to reschedule with Sweet D for tomorrow which I will probably be better company then anyhow.  So, that's the "I hate change" part.

But, I do feel sometimes that I need a new blog; all to myself.  Sometimes I want to P!$$ and moan to people who will not judge me or won't get upset if I need to vent to someone.  Like an online journal.  Though, I loved the days of anonymity where people would comment in full support, understanding and or share their thoughts on a subject matter.   Sometimes I consider another blog, open only to my 'cyber friends' LOL!  Nothing against anyone else.  But, should I wanna' gripe about my Mom and she read it; she hasn't yet but as soon as they get their LT hooked up I am sure my brother, the Teenager, will be wanting to follow me here.  Or say, other crap that is going on -- I don't know.

Sometimes it is nice to be anonymous.  You know?  Not that I have anything to hide, but the idea of the freedom is so...well, freeing. LOL!

Anyhow, Happy Tuesday.  Since mine has flipped upside down and back -- I'm going to go with what I wanted to do some today, and pull out the books to start working on my writing assignment #3.  So far, my New Year's resolution has been working out pretty well for schedule.  Except, instead of 'Scrapbooking on Fridays' I've been...ah...reading instead. ;-)

Enough about me....  Happy Tuesday!



Anonymous said...

And thus, the reason my blog's private from the real world. I totally get it. :)

The more public you are, the tougher it gets to complain about stuff. But maybe that just teaches us a lesson about ourselves and complaining in general, no? I don't know. I'm probably the world's biggest complainer. So don't listen to me! :)


Gary's third pottery blog said...

re: movie theaters, seems like everybody is coughing and sneezing, what better way to catch them germs but to sit in a room with them for 2 hours breathing their air?

Melissa said...

How about you open up a blank document on your computer and vent all you want?? Or just send me an email? ;-)

kcinnova said...

I understand the need to vent. That's when I send an e-mail to a friend, because I can't have it there for all to see on my blog. I finally put up a statcounter but I still can't tell if there are any in the extended family who read me. (That would take investigative time that I just don't have.)

My Tuesday was all messed up. I only slept a few hours (you are as bad as me!!) and then I fell asleep in the morning and slept from the time the kids went out the door until the first ones came home early from exams at 1:30pm. Whoops!! Headache still there, but at least I just now FINALLY finished the newsletter.
I can't sleep late tomorrow -- I'm in the youngest one's classroom from 9am-llam, and then off to copy, fold, and label the newsletter from 1-2:30pm. Then scouts at after an early supper. No rest, no blogging time. :*(

Kristi Faith said...

My days seem to be following yours...hope today is better for you. I know I had a rough one yesterday too. And I TOTALLY get it when some darned idiot has to go and call you ten minutes before whatever to do whatever that you DID NOT PLAN. My brother in law is famous for it. GRRRR

Prohomemaker.Com said...

All caught up ... Luckily my days are usually not packed in as much as yours. But I am still the anti-change thing ... I like spontaniety, as long as it is somewhat planned. :-) ... Annamarie came by last night at the spur of the moment. It was nice to catch up, but I was really hoping for a nap. Then said nap got pushed to 10 p.m., which meant I didn't get to sleep till 5 a.m., which meant today's grocery shopping got shoved to Sunday, unless I draw up the energy to go. So we'll see. :-) ... Anyway, I'm with ya. OK, I gotta a whiney puppy to attend to. :-)

Debbie Yost said...

I know what you mean. I don't so much want to post my pity parties (because I often do) but I get so frustrated with politics and other things that I'd love to rant and rave about, but I feel that would turn off so many people, especially since it seems I'm in the minority a lot. So I write in my head. Sometimes I sit down and draft something but just don't post it. It seems when I finally get to putting it on paper, it doesn't seem as bad anymore.

We are so different, though! I don't run by schedule. I try but fail much of the time. If hubby were to call and say let's go out to dinner, even if I have it partially started, I'll see what I can do to postpone that dinner till tomorrow. I am always finding ways to change my schedule to accomodate someone else. Ice cream! Really? You'd turn down ice cream? I would be so there! No matter what.