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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

100th day of school...BLECH!!!

For whatever reason, most schools have developed a tradition of celebrating the 100th day of school.  Now, I have heard of some great ideas other schools do.  Bex and TG's kids built stuff last year.  I think her son's contribution was a board with screws and nuts that could be place on and counted.

[I think I helped with that idea, but it came out better if I recall correctly.]  That school requested items they could hang along the hallways.

Les' daughter, Little Diva, is doing a shirt.  They had to decorate a shirt with paint, stamps, objects, etc totalling 100 of the 'whatever' on the shirt.  My idea was to 'scrapbook' the shirt.  So, we attached ribbons with brads.  Simple, cheap, and it was turning out adorable.  [We did thirty here and she took it home to finish.]

Our school does food.  As in snack mix.  The problem is that the snack mix is assembled by the entire class.  Meaning 10 children or so will be touching everything as they each count out their snack item to 100 and mixing with it each of their cooties.  At this point, the snack mix is divided amongst the students and sent home for consumption.

In this post, I share about the first time I had the opportunity to enjoy this little celebration. It's quite intriguing.

WHY FOOD?  WHY MIX IT?  This year, they are doing it again.  I need to submit a suggestion of some of the other ideas.  It really bothers me.  Maybe it is just me.  Maybe I dissect the fun out of it.  Either way, I lean towards disliking the 100th day of school.  (Maybe my kids could play hookie?) LOL!

And, you can bet that I won't be eating it.  And, I hoping to bribe my kids not to as well!



Cyndi said...

My sons' schools did this too. I thought it was absolutely disgusting, but no one got sick. I didn't voice my opinion but wish I had. They won't allow us to send homemade treats for b-days or Halloween so I really don't understand why this invitation to germs is so popular.

kcinnova said...

While I think the idea is FUN and we all did stuff like this in the olden days (like when i was in 2nd grade and we all stirred the dried macaroni with our germy hands and then some of us ate it and got sick because, HELLO?! dried elbow macs are not good for little tummies, esp. in high quantities. I think I was hungry that day.
But I digress...

Have a wonderful treat to "trade" when the kids get home. You'll live. :)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Thanks y'all! It is nice to know I am not alone!

Jay said...

There's no way in H. E. Double Hockey Sticks I would eat that stuff. No. Way. LOL ;-)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Thanks Jay, you just made it normal and NOT just the Mamma-ness in us! You know good food....and, 100th day snack pack is crap....


Debbie Yost said...

LOL! I never thought of that. But I'm not going to start worrying about it. Kids are going to touch each other's food. I'm all for sharing a few germs. I think it keeps them healthier. Heck, today I let Peanut pick a sucker off the dance floor and put it back in her mouth. 3 second rule, right? I promise to have my kid wash her hands before she counts out her 100 items this year. (If we do it.)

Lisa said...

Yeah my daughters schools have done this since her first year!

Melissa said...

The teachers and kids in my school go through inordinate amounts of hand sanitizer each day, but even still . . .

When my kids celebrated 100 days, they were asked to count out 100 pieces of snack (say, Cheerios) and bring those in to eat themselves. Then the class would compare - Jacob's bag of Cheerios is smaller than Nicole's bag of popcorn, etc. No sharing of food.

But I'm with Debbie - some germs are good and essential to keep kids healthy. ;-)

A.L M. said...

Our school is doing this, and I hate it tremendously. Ew.