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Monday, April 27, 2009

Barbie Winner!!!!

HOWDY ALL! Soooooo sorry I'm just now gettin' around to this! Sheeze wiz, I've been clickity clicking the things off my list all day in complete efficiency yet it seems like every time I have a conversation I end up with a few more things on the list -- so be it in the Life of Farmer's Wife!!! [Workin' on a FULL Glass tonight! *Giggle*]
KID CONVERSATIONS:  (On the way home from school)
Farmer, Jr., disgruntled:  "Hey!?  What's that smeeeelllll? "
Lil'Gal, Happily:  "MY FEET!"
Farmer, Jr.:  "Peeeyooooooo!"
Lil Gal:  I took off my shoes!
Farmer, Jr.:  "They stink!"
LilGal:  "I know!  I LUV my Stinkie Feet!!!"
At which point the windows roll down and Farmer, Jr. politely requests that I do not close them as he is hanging his head out the window while we drive through the gate to the house!
They were pretty stinkie....
So, were you as frustrated as I? Yep. I let Farmer, Jr. do the drawing because he doesn't get the chance too often. I opted for Macxine since her camera was more readily available and quicker to upload from. But, since I wasn't watching the screen I didn't realize that the camera had stopped. POOOO! He was so cute with his eyes closed real tight while he tossed the entries around in the container to pick the winner. He wanted to do the whole thing over again but I had to explain that we can't "fake" a drawing because we might draw someone different than who won the first time. Ya' can't mess with fated destiny ;-) And, the WINNER IS?????? [Drum roll pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PRO-HOMEMAKER!!!!! I think it was the fact that he visited Root & Sprout because that earned him 10 extra entries! Thanks so much to my regular visitors and the new peeps too who played and also for following me and/or reading me and adding my badge to your blog! Y'all are all so wonderful! I have some great stuff to put up for giveaways and the ice cream giveaway is still open as well -- I'll post soon! Oh, and the squeeee-dily-ishus dinner I made last night for a few nickels and a dime! I'll share that recipe for certain! CONGRATS AGAIN to ProHomaker! [Go check out HIS blog!] Happy Monday!



SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Congratulations to the winner! Okay when is the next giveaway, okay I am really jealous!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Yea!!! And folks, my Mom collects Barbies, so this will be her Mothers Day gift (along with some homemade dinners). Thank you *so* much FW -- and Farmer Jr netted a big smile on my face. His graveley voice, but obviously Lil Gal is the Vanna in the family. :-)

Lis Garrett said...

THANK YOU to Prohomemaker for taking a few extra minutes to visit Root & Sprout! And congratulations on the win!!

Betty said...

Congrats to the winner