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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Week's NEW Double-it-up GiveAway!

Howdy bloggies and peeps and tweeps!
Geeze oh whiz, have I not been runnin' my tush 90 mph around the laps today?!?  [Answer:  YES]  But, I got SO MUCH DONE!  And, once again, I found myself adding to the list....criminy!  Is May over yet?
Because I have a big, fat, excitingly slow (down side no internet what-so-ever) vacation come June 1st that offers a fabulous trip to float on a rubber tube down a dry and barely flowing Frio River [where I might get stuck on a rock] with no cares or whims and only food, beer, good friends and fun children in tow!
[Back up plan, should the river be a crap shoot and dry; we always have the pool behind our cabins and we are going during the week so it will be less crowded -- *wink*  And, beer doesn't have to float in a chest; they make those things mobile with wheels too!]
Wait, what?  Oh, the GiveAways.  Yeah, that's the crapshoot about that one.  Sometimes you gotta' read my ramble-bamble to get to it.  ;-D  Smart, how I work it that way, huh?
So, one is awesome for the Ladies.....  But, not fair to leave the gentlemen out.  So, y'all get the 'catch the freebie' give away item.
For the Gals I'm Giving Away a "Travel-Sized" set of this TimeWise Cellu-Shape Contouring System by Mary Kay! Sweet Febreze, right!? It consists of a 'Travel Size'… TimeWise Cellu-Shape Daytime Body Moisturizer -- described by MaryKay as a supercharged formula that awakens cellular activity. Further described by Mary Kay to significantly increase the skin's hydration level and begin the firming and toning process to help deliver the most dramatic results. and, TimeWise Cellu-Shape Nighttime Body Gel -- described by Mary Kay that it takes advantage of the time that your body naturally uses to rest, rebuild and repair. Mary Kay further describes that this formula completes the firming and toning process, strengthening the skin's support system in problem areas so the visible signs of cellulite are minimized. Mary Kay goes further to shares that this product also moisturizes skin so it feels silky smooth to the touch. This travel sized product just happens to come in a cute satin black bag that pulls shut tightly with a pink satin ribbon. The inside of the bag is lined with pink satin sort material, in true Mary Kay fashion. Ladies win for you -- or a gift! FOR THE MEN: DRY IDEA! Roll-on Deodorant (get this, I got three for free with combined coupons -- but, I'm only giving 1 away) I know, Men. Not so exciting. But, Hey? I did think of y'all on an individual level, right? And, who knows? You might also be interested in the great Travel Sized Mary Kay giveaway... if you are? AWESOME! Enter! I just threw this one in out of respect in case you weren't. But, we are all (I so dearly hope) interested in body hygiene. Our own, as well as those around us who we hope those respect the world enough to follow the same polite ethical protocol. :-D So. How do you win? Hmmm. Easy-Peasy! Comment!
Be sure to specify which GiveAway you are interested.  And, YES, if both.  You have to do one or each of the following per GiveAway item you wanna' win!  Hey!  Double GiveAways means twice the work on entries; or, you can pick one and work it the easy way! 
  • 2 entries) Simply Comment to this post
  • 2 entries) Visit my book review at Dudley's Solo and comment there :-) Self promulgation -- you like how I work? Actually, it's for some GT stats as well as my own personal Ego Poof! :-D
  • 5 entries) Root & Sprout a/k/a/ R&S goes daily on May 1st. You receive one entry each day for commenting on that day's article publication. :-D Thanks for yall's support!
  • 10 entries) Visit R&S -- THIS Friday, May 1st. Comment to the very first DAILY PUBLICATION (um, it's my article) and you get 10 entries!
Happy Tuesday! Happy Winnings! Thanks for readin' me! Oh, and Happy Winning Freebies!
[Editor's Note:  This giveaway will stay open until Friday, May 8th, 2009.  It closed midnight that day!  Sorry, I'd left this out.  Monday will also list a new GiveAway!!!]



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

not to say I am not clean and sweet smelling now, but count me in!

Manic Mother said...

Thanks for stopping in and grabbing my button, I will grab yours too!

Together We Save said...

I want to win and either one will be great. But if I had to pick I would say... Ladies first. :)

Delaney said...

This is a win-win! If I get the mens then Hubby smells great and if I get the ladies then yay me!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I want it all! I am on a winning streak. (And yes, that Mary Kay stuff is good -- I'm really 78!) I am off to Root and Sprout for the first daily mag! Thank God I can't sleep -- did I say that?


Prohomemaker.Com said...

Commented on the article -- hope parents won't be beating down my door, but it was what I felt.

P.S. The link to the book review wasn't working