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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Psst! Check it out!

Psst! Hey?      Psst!  Yeah, you there! I know, you are probably wondering, "Where, oh where, has our Farmer*sWife gone?" Well, actually at the moment I'm procrastinating. I don't do that often. I've just about completed my article but there is something missing. I still need to include a fab-tastic book that I believe is currently traveling down the postal route to 'mwah-truly' to review.  :-D Anyhow, I've noticed on all these blogs I've been hoppin' and poppin' in that a lot of them have these cute little badges on them.  And, they all have them up for grabs.   So, if you really like their blog or website, you can grab their little badge and put it on your page. Sweeet, right? And, y'all know I love cool stuff like that. So, I thought to myself, 
"Hmmmm, Farmer*sWife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full_Gal needs a badge."  I mean, I'm a badge worthy read right?   I try to put it all out there for ya.  I like to save ya' money and give you free prizes to tickle your cheeks into a smile.  I like to laugh out loud at myself hoping you giggle a little loudly too. And, I *heart* my bloggies. I *heart* my followers. I *heart* almost everything (except egg plant and the things on the pet peeve list over on the left).  I would totally *heart* a badge!!
But I don't know how to make one.  
Knowing that I'm too busy, too lazy to learn, and dependent on the totally talented there is a Master of Badges and Buttons out there -- I hinted a tweet to The Queen and she took my new header up there and as fast as wild mustangs stampeding across the range she came up with this!!!!!!
[Cover your ears]  Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Can you believe it? I now have my very own badge!!  Yippee!   Sweet Febreze!!!   Totally FAB-Tacular!!! So, I already put it up on my left side bar for you to grab! 
Go Ahead! Grab! Grab away!
Put it on your blog wall!  Put it on T-shirts!  Put it on Caps! Join me in mission! 
We can all be a Glass Half Full! Full of what is totally up to you! [See how flexible I am? Like ElastiGirl!] So grab it and make ME my Glass Half Full way an icon!! Whoop! There it is! Whoop!Whoop! Over on the left! Whoop! You can have it, for FREEEE from Lil'Ol Meeeee! Happy Hump Day! Be sure to put some Diggity in it!



Anonymous said...

Wordpress doesn't let me do those cool things... at least not that I can figure it out.

I am the Grand Poobah of Procrastination. If it was a science, I'd have my doctorate.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I'm with KC, don't know how with Wordpress.

I did smile though at the end of your post where it says, "Grab it and grab me" but I read a little too quick. ;-)

Farmer*swife said...

Y'all can add it like a picture to your side bar (in blogger it's under 'gadgets' in set up) by downloading or saving the graphic part. :-)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you have your own badge, awesome! And I noticed, more followers too.

Baseball Mom said...

That is cute. I will certainly grab it up and post it for you.

Happy Hump Night!

Betty said...

I love it! I love the new banner and the button.

The Queen said...

Dearest Wordpress people..

The easiest way to use these on your word press is to make an awards/badge page.. link it to your front page.. put all your awards and badges on that page

If you need a step by step for it.. let FW know.. she'll let me know..
and.. I being a follower of hers.. and always trying to help her out..

will give her step by step instructions we she can post to you...

cause that's the way I roll.