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Sunday, April 19, 2009

So what do YOU think?

I've been on a mission of sorts. Well, life is a mission of it's own.  And, I'm always on some mission about something.
But, I've been playing around in my blog again, changing some stuff up.  Doing some new things.  And, I'm just wondering what all of my blog readers -- the new ones AND the long time supporters -- think about my blog.
This is not one of my little comment begging posts hey, it might work out for me though ;-), it's just a true assessment.  I've been participating (okay, today was day one of a 31 one day project) in this little thing over at this guy named Darren Rowse at Pro Blogger because I want to develop my own place but also because I'm hoping that some of the tips and tricks I learn during this next month will fruition into great ideas to promote Root & Sprout as well as Grow Together.
Boy, that was a very long sentence. :-)  Just read it as quickly as I speak and it'll sink in just fine.   We are supposed to write an "elevator pitch" for our blog.  And, the elevator pitch is supposed to come from the idea of what our blog is all about.  I thought, who best to tell me what my blog is about than the people who read me!  Right?
Anyhow, I'm a happy go lucky Gal.  Y'all know that about me.  Oh sure, I can be quite serious and have serious issues at hand and of mind, but when I'm visiting, socializing and blogging around -- that stuff doesn't enter into my equation.
[Don't you think that word should be spelled, equasion?  Because their is no -tion in the's definitely a -sion.  Now, notion has a pronounced -tion in it.  But, not equation.  I'm just sayin' 'cuz it's got to be said.]
Quite often, posting a blog post alleviates a lot of the crap that tends to sometimes get stuck in the message tubes of my brain.  I'm just happy in here.   I'm happy by nature, but that's because I enjoy it.
Anyhow, now I've rambled all away from my point.  
That being, what do you get out of my blog?  
What do you miss -- like you could possibly miss anything 8-D -- from my blog that maybe I've strayed away from?
What could you use more of from my blog?
In this little challenge I'm supposed to really identify the purpose of my blog.  My purpose is to make you happy, make you laugh, make your day have a little highlight around that cloud you might be carrying, and to share in your Hip-Hop-Happy witty ways by reading along about all of you too.
So, do tell.  I can take it.  The Good and the Bad (make it all good, though -- kay?  You know my ego and all; I do better with "Poofs" than with "Pops"!
I look forward to it!  And, when I come back?  It's about BlueBerry Wine!  And, it is luciously devine.  :-)  Sqeeeeee-diddle!!!

a/k/a Glass Half Full Gal!



The Queen said...

I so miss the days when your blog was about your life, and your kids, and your endless quest for the spotless house. that is what I miss most on your blog. I loved watching your vlogs, when you poured the wine.. got the new wheels... I miss your life... ha inspired me..

I love your giveaways, and I know you need to promote... but I really really miss your life..

Farmer*swife said...

The Queen, That is definitely doable!!! I love my life so I'll share, share, share!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

well, do whatever you wish and you KNOW I'll be visiting (Jay too, cause he is loyal to you like me) but you know we visit cause you're FUNNY.
Especially when you vlog some long story and wave around a glass of wine and all the rest....oh man, that's the BEST entertainment.
btw, did I hear that you folks were DUMPED on with rain all weekend?

Anonymous said...

It's been fun "watching" you go from just blogging to writing for Root & Sprout AND telling us about all those great deals. (I confess, I don't really enjoy shopping, but I do like saving money when it is something I'm going to buy anyway.)
Hey, did you say Blueberry Wine?!? ;)
And why isn't phonetic spelled with an F?

Baseball Mom said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I love the laughs and giggles you provide.

As much as I do enjoy the saving blogs, and the drawings for giveaways.

I really enjoyed the mom side of the blog. The kids, life, hubby, etc.

I miss hearing how the kids, hubby, and you are and what you're all up to.

Jay said...

Yeah, more vlogs!

And I'm glad your entire post is now able to be read in my Google Reader. People who truncate posts are my biggest blogging pet peeve. Someday I will convince everyone to make the full posts available in reader and my work in the Bloggerhood will be done. ;-)

Delaney said...

I always like the real side of people that shows who they are and you are funny but need to show that side more. I love giveaways and stuff but I love the stories about families best. Maybe because it's just Hubby, me and our grown kids that I live my life through other people's lives.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Unlike other people, I have to admit the Vlogs are often harder for me to take the time to watch. But like most other people, I enjoy the posts where your personality and trials and tribulations (albeit few) come through. I've been thinking about your post all day, and really, it's the personality that I love. So keep it up. XXOO (Oh, and I do like to win things -- gonna go read R^S right now so I can get those 10 extra entries for Barbie. (BTW, my Mom collects 'em, so it'll be a Mother's Day present -- along with dinner)

Lis Garrett said...

Oh, you make me giggle! I swear everyone who wakes up at 5:15 AM should start the day by reading your blog. :-)

I seriously don't ever think you can go wrong when you ask for reader input. I should know. Ahem.

I think you are doing a great job, and I have seen AMAZING growth in you abilities as a writer. Keep up the good work. :-)