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Friday, April 17, 2009

Farmer*s Wife Poetry

It's been awhile, but I'm feeling a little poetic today.
I give you:
A Farmer's Strangest Prayer
Rain, rain go away!
Stay away until Mid-May!
5 months of drought and you pick today?
Don't you understand?
Should a seed sprout and break through....
Then we are totally screwed.
For the crop will be crap and cost lots of money.
And, insurance won't help due to your drizzling funny.
So, take it elsewhere since you've abandoned us so long.
Why don't you fill the Frio?  Get it flowing strong!
So come June we can sing a tune as our inner tube floats along....
Happy Friday!  May our's be dry and your's be whatever you want!



The Queen said...

A farmer's life is never bliss
weather daily is amiss.
crops are wet that we need dry
drought sets in and seedlings die.

A farmer's wife must always know
to take his bitching like a pro
He means well, he works so hard.
then weather plays a silly card.

Keep your head up kid.. it always works out somehow..

and go get your badges so people can vote for you..

C said...

very, very poetic!

kcinnova said...

Rain earlier this week (about half an inch, I think) and now it is sunny and 70!

Hope you get perfect farming weather!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh boy, so hard to get the weather right isn't it?

Debbie Yost said...

Although I'm not overly fond of poetry and certainly don't have the knack for it myself, I loved this one. My grandfather was a farmer. What a tough job you have!

Oh, and so glad I popped through. Love the new diggs.

Dianne said...

weather is so stubborn!

love the header photo

Betty said...

Great poem! I've never been really good at putting a poem together.