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Monday, April 20, 2009

Farmer's Wife Report: Vloggie Style!

Howdy Bloggies and Peeps!
It's Farmer's Wife report time again!  Gosh, I didn't realize how long it's been since I did one of these, but I think I tended to do more during the slow, lovely, free-spirited days of summer.
Gosh, I can't wait for summer.  I love structure and schedules but by the end of the school year I'm ready for some random late movie nights with the kids and some random mornings where we all sleep in (except the Hubster -- He still has a 7:am check-in at the office).
So, today I'm trying to catch up on all that is in my brain.  This vlog covers Piss & Moan on a Monday morning -- but I got over it quickly -- blue collar comedy in my Mama mobile Chariot with XM radio kicked that negative crap out the door!   No negativity, no Ma'am!  I don't have time for that hunk of bull p!$$ stenched in cow manure.
Some things I share: Root & Sprout and some of what is behind the scenes, Crazy Female Driver, Liquid Creativity (yum-yum), Tribute to the Queen, Conversation with Daddy, FW curses -- on video!, and a lot of gigglin' at myself.
Hang tight.  I do lose the seriousness.  
Oh, and don't forget coming soon from ME to YOU is free ice cream!
Whoop!  Tomorrow is Totally Tuesday!!!  I think we need some music from the 80s...and maybe a music video by Mwaaaw and Lil'Gal to boot!
Oh, almost forgot!  Here's the link to the Piney Woods Country Winery and Vineyards!  Check out their Vine Juice! [You're welcome for the hook-up :-D]


Baseball Mom said...

Yeah! A Vlog. Cute. I just giggled when you said what your daddy said. :)

Glad to see & hear from you.

The Queen said...

Yeah... I love your Vlogs... you are so awesome... thank you... I'm all caught up on my FW fix now.... you can return to your regular life until I need a fix again...

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Let's here it for 13.9 percent wine! :-)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was waiting for that big wine glass!

kcinnova said...

Your daddy cracked me up!
I love it when you vlog. :)
Skinny cow chocolate/pb ice cream sandwiches are pretty yummy, but don't eat more than one at a time. That added fiber does stuff to your system, if you know what I mean! (Of course, you probably wouldn't eat more than one, but SOME PEOPLE are like me and want to eat a lot of ice cream... just learn from my mistake! lol)

PS: Don't use liquid creativity while scrapbooking... you'll have a good time but your pages will look funny!

Juggling Act said...

You are so good about visiting my blog! Thank you. You are an inspiration.