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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vlog-Diddly, I got it UP!!! Free Stuff to Boot!

Holy Cowpatties!  Did this not take two different vlog sessions and a whole day's worth of uploading!  What is up with that?
Though, Macxine is grounded so I didn't use my webcam with the LT.  I used my little Walmart brand HDTV Flip Cam that Daddy bought me for Christmas!  Awesome!!!
So, here it goes.  This makes the current GiveAways appeal as great as they are!
Happy (two Hours until) FWFD!!! FRIDAY!!!! And, Hubby is taking the kids to school! Whoop!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

It has been a snowy and cold week, and looking at you? Its like looking at a Hollywood star in action, in the warm sunshine!

Baseball Mom said...

I agree with Gary. Rainy/Cold/Snowy weather here as well.

Great give aways girl!! You go! Awesome!!

Krishna said...

OMG ,you crack me up. Where are you shopping to get to combine coupons? HEB won't do that. I do like the cascade stuff and you are right, scrubbing bubbles rock. I really must start registering for those coupon packs but unless i can combine them, i won't buy some of the stuff.

Betty said...

I love your vlog. You are so great. You are like the coupon savings queen.Lots of great deals you find. :)

Betty said...

Oh forgot to tell you sorry
You have received an Award Super Charged Bundle. Stop by and pick them up. :)